The Dun Run: Delightful but diminished


American economist Thomas Sowell once stated that there are no solutions, only trade offs. If there was a trade off here, it is that what the Dunwich Dynamo lost in atmosphere due to the low numbers, was more than made up for with a sense of camaraderie and less crowded roads, especially in the lanes.

We all anticipated a lower turn out, not least because the usual transport back to London, organised by Southwark Cyclists, had not been laid on due to COVID19 uncertainties. Add to that the gruesome weather forecasts, which turned out to be wildly inaccurate and one might have been surprised that anyone turned up.

Without quite knowing what to expect in terms of numbers, Hackney was surprisingly atmospheric and a credible turnout for the circumstances suggested that the event is in ‘rude health’. Nevertheless, numbers were significantly down and there was the uncertainty of what the weather gods had in store for us.

The cloud cover meant the glow of the usual (nearly) full moon was absent but in fact the temperature and conditions were perfect. There were less spectators and pop-up food and drink vendors, so keeping the larder stocked was slightly more precarious in the latter stages. Where this may have been a problem was for those ‘doing the double’ (There and back) as the cafe at Dunwich beach was not due to open until 7am ….. an issue that did diminish Team WLC’s ability to hydrate on the way back!

With the cafe shut, many early riders just turned for home, so the beach seemed a little empty whilst we were there (4am to 4.30am) but this may have improved as later riders arrived.

With less cyclists it was, on many occasions, easier to negotiate the lanes than usual, but it is also true to say that there were long periods where we encountered no other rider, nor could we see any lights ahead or behind. This contrasted starkly with the usual stream of lights snaking up the road as far as one can see.

A very memorable edition, but we look forward to a full carnival in 2022.

When the forecast rain did eventually arrive on Sunday afternoon, it may have caught some of those still riding home etc, we hope you were not unfortunate!

We would like to thank everyone who took time to speak to us for our video. We have started editing it and will publish it later in the week.