OMG! West London VR Series 3 blown wide open as Ned Bowen suffers a small techanical …. this is turning into a thriller!

Slovenian Robert Jenko storms home to take the stage whilst Nick Greenhalgh and James Melville pile the pressure on Ned Bowen.

The series is turning into a Vuelta Skelter, Roller-Coaster, Hero Giro thriller, it is now too tight to call with only two races to go.

Race 3.11 was really quite flat but with an attritional climb thrown in over the closing kilometer which was enough to make a difference but one look at the all-star cast in the top places and you’ll recognise that this was a quality field and Robert Jenko has pulled off a big win.


Nic Stevenson got away but was reeled back in with around 2km to go and the gradual climb at the end started wearing down the bunch to around 7 or 8 riders before Robert sped off with 250m to go. John Sammut nearly caught him, but Jenko held on for a stunning win.

But a small technical blip was enough to push Ned Bowen back down to 24th, unfamiliar territory for the series’ dominant rider who, uncharacteristically, now finds himself down in second place in the standings, 7 points adrift from the new Virtual Jersey wearer, Nick Greenhalgh. This is turning into an edge of the seat nail-biter and James Melville lurks in third with Carlos Cela hot on his heels for that last podium place……. we can’t wait for race 3.12!

Rasio Racing showed their dominace once again, with three riders in the top 10 and look destined to take the team award.

Meanwhile, the Westonia League for Westerley CC members replicated the thrills of the main standings when Tim Cummins lost his Bluetooth connection on the start line and ended up way back in the field as a result, allowing David Buckley and Andrew Beale to get very close, this looks like going all the way to race 3.13 too.

Stay close to this, Series 3 is a cracker. The next race, 3.12 is on Wednesday 15th September at 7.30pm UK time and can be entered here; ENTER HERE

Meanwhile, here are some tantalising figures to salivate over…….


01-Sep-21Old Bucks and Young BerksRace 3.11
1Robert JenkoSlovenia22:41.44.03100
2J. Sammut (a)UK22:41.5 + 0.1094.1499
3Nick Greenhalghяʀ яʀUK22:41.6 + 0.1474.3998
4Johan Oelofse sanznew Zealand22:41.9 + 0.4474.1597
5James MelvilleUk22:41.9 + 0.5094.0196
6Wouter Claes MoonRidersBelgium22:42.2 + 0.7773.9895
7Hendre Knoetze sanzNew Zealand22:42.3 + 0.8444.1194
8Mark Rowbottom яʀ яʀUK22:42.9 + 1.4974.193
9Carlos CelaEspana22:43.5 + 2.0454.0292
10Andrzej Krajewski яʀ яʀPoland22:44.6 + 3.1384.2691
11Alasdair McalpineUK22:44.7 + 3.2174.5890
12Jørgen Vanbers[яʀ] яʀNetherlands22:44.7 + 3.2433.9189
13Alex GoldUK22:44.8 + 3.3203.5988
14Peter Austin (m)UK22:45.6 + 4.1844.1787
15Alex Pleger [яʀ] яʀDeutschland22:50.4 + 8.9273.6686
16Shawn MurtoughUK22:51.5 + 10.0773.9385
17Daniel Neugebauer PedalersDeutschland22:56.4 + 14.9753.9184
18Matthew FeelyEire23:06.1 + 24.6383.4983
19Mike Ade otrUK23:14.9 + 33.4633.5782
20Tomasz Poniatowski MoonRidersPoland23:15.0 + 33.5943.0181
21Tomas NygrenSweden23:15.3 + 33.8173.0580
22Nic StevensonUK23:15.9 + 34.4424.3179
23Andrew Beale cUK23:57.4 + 1:15.9913.678
24Ned BowenUSA24:03.3 + 1:21.8913.7277
25Ben Phillips[яʀ] яʀUK24:03.9 + 1:22.4273.8376
26David InwoodUK24:04.1 + 1:22.6253.9275
27Olly OllyUK24:04.4 + 1:23.0013.3774
28David Ellis (c) mUK24:06.3 + 1:24.8383.3573
29Kevan Unsworth (m)UK24:41.9 + 2:00.5082.5172
30David wcc Buckley wccUK24:42.3 + 2:00.8803.1771
31Martin WilsonUK24:42.5 + 2:01.0653.0370
32Marcin Szkudlarek MoonRidersPoland24:42.5 + 2:01.0843.5569
33Peter Kennedy (m)UK24:42.7 + 2:01.2793.0568
34James DicksUK24:42.9 + 2:01.4634.3367
35Rod CostaUK25:10.9 + 2:29.4993.5466
36Lukas Galka [uect]Poland25:40.1 + 2:58.6293.5365
37Tom Yates-ijazUK25:40.7 + 2:59.2943.2564
38Dave MorrisonUK25:41.1 + 2:59.6523.2763
39Gt ThakkarUK25:41.3 + 2:59.8242.8862
40Marc Arc fawcettUK25:45.5 + 3:04.0882.9461
41Tim CumminsUK27:37.1 + 4:55.6613.2160
42Neil ForsytheUK27:42.3 + 5:00.8323.1859
43Mike BuckhurstUSA28:34.4 + 5:52.9542.6658
44Flying FinnzThailand29:56.2 + 7:14.7235.1257
45Jo GonEspana34:09.7 + 11:28.2321.6656
46Chris YagFrance34:26.1 + 11:44.6481.9855

Westerley VR Series 3 – 2020-21
STANDINGS after 11 races
1st – Nick Greenhalgh (UK)1021
2nd – Ned Bowen (USA)1014
3rd – James Melville (UK)978
4th – Carlos Cela (Espana)933
5th – John Sammut (UK)922
6th – Wouter Claes (Belgium)920
7th – Mark Rowbottom (UK)894
8th – David Ellis (UK)875
9th – Andrzej Krajewski (Poland) – 867
10th – Daniel Neugebauer (Deutschland)849
11th – Alasdair McAlpine (UK)813
12th – Mike Lister (UK)797
13th – Johan Oelofse Sanz (SA) (New Zealand)786
14th – Christophe Contant France)784
15th – Mike Ade (UK)783
16th – Matt Feely (Eire)769
17th – Kevan Unsworth (UK)761
18th – Mathius Bergkvist  (Sweden)727
19th – Peter Austin (UK)714
20th – Tim Cummins (WCC) (UK)701
21st – Tomas Nygren (Sweden)696
22nd – David Buckley (WCC) (UK)686
23rd – Andrew Beale (WCC) (UK)684
24th – Dave Morrison (WCC) (UK) 631
25th – Stefan Kruger (South Africa)570
26th – Simon Miller (UK)565
27th – Tomasz Poniatowski (Poland)534
28th – Hendre Kknoetze (SA) (New Zealand)517
29th – Martin Wilson (UK)516
30th – Jorgen Van Bers (Netherlands)506
31st – Marcin Szkudlarek (Poland)505
32nd – Steve Mayes (UK)498
33rd – Tom Gakes (Netherlands)498
34th – Jurgen Janssens (Belgium)485
35th – Timo Achenbach (Deutschland)466
36th – Kader Allouni (UK)460
37th – Kristen Ege (Danmark)386
38th – Jan Linden (Netherlands)349
39th – Marcus Garwood (UK)349
40th – Francois Iker (Belgium)332
41st – Daniel Magalhaes (Brazil) 330
42nd – Danie Steyn (South Africa)317
43rd – Ben Phillips (UK)306
44th – Tom Yates-Jaz (WCC) (UK)300
45th – Eduardo Juez (Espana)293
46th – Rob Miller (USA)291
47th – Gautam Thakkar (WCC) (UK)288
48th – Stuart Hardy (UK)284
49th – Alex Pleger (Deutschland )275
50th – Pete Kennedy254
51st – Weiran Shen (WCC)  (China)246
52nd – Pat Herron (UK)226
53rd – Tom Moss (UK)221
54th – Yahya Oksuzaglu (Turkey)209
55th – Stephen Bellio (USA)208
56th – Pedro Reis (Portugal)201
57th – Ross Collins (UK)199
58th – Jan Deca (Belgium)197
59th – Ian Stephens (UK)196
60th – Donald Grant (UK)193
61st – Thijmen Cornelissens (Netherlands)185
62nd – Julian Fussell ((UK)184
63rd – Chris Duffy (UK)176
64th – Nic Stevenson (WCC) (UK)176
65th – Ben Van Der Burg (Netherlands)174
66th – Kenneth Vansina (Belgium)171
67th – Kasper Hededam (Danmark)158
68th – Nic Lee (WCC) (UK)154
69th – Nick Beale  (UK)150
70th – Chris Hopkinson (UK)143
71st – Marco Verhoogt (Netherlands)141
72nd – Patrick Boumann (Netherlands)139
73rd – Olly Olly (UK)138
74th – Rob Bennett (UK) (WCC)137
75th – Scott Crichton (Australia)134
76th – Dimitry Roz (UK)133
77th – Pierre Massé (France)129
78th – James Dicks (UK)128
79th – David Thomas (UK)124
80th – Rich Heath ((UK)117
81st – Tom Heremans (Belgium)110
82nd – Iain Davidson (UK)108
83rd – Robert Jenko (Slovenia)100
84th – Get Zwifty (USA)99
85th – Ian Nguru (WCC) (Kenya) 99
86th – Jacob Skovsgaar(Danmark)99
87th – Gaetan Calas (France)98
88th – Igor Kopse (Slovenia)98
89th – Guillaume Toffoli (France)96
90th – Hakan Kutluca Willkommen (Deutschland)96
91st – Christiaan  Riemens (Netherlands)95
92nd – Mads Schnoor Nielsen (Danmark) 95
93rd – Sam Kimber (UK)94
94th – John Bergenske (USA)93
95th – Niko Nikodemiak (Poland)93
96th – Doug Hart (UK)92
97th – Kristoff Keszthelyi (Hungary)92
98th – Samir Doshi (WCC) (UK)89
99th – Alex Gold (UK)88
100th – Edu Harms (Netherlands)88
101st – Jan Van Der Linden88
102nd – Jeffrey Hoevenaars (Netherlands)88
103rd – James Ogilvie (UK)87
104th – James Osborn (UK)87
105th – Henrik Mård (Sweden)86
106th – Boz Daley (UK)85
107th – Shawn Murlough (UK)85
108th – AndersBroggaard (Danmark)84
109th – FR (Espana)84
110th – King Ing_smileon (Australia)84
111th – Miles Askew (UK)84
112th – Lawrence Daley (UK)82
113th – Mads Klinksgaard (Danmark)82
114th – Mads Klinksgaard (Danmark)80
115th – Rasmus Feldballe (Danmark)80
116th – Stevie Couper (UK)80
117th – Teun Sturmans (Netherlands)80
118th – Mike Buckhurst (USA) 79
119th – Stefano Brunelli (Italia)79
120th – Thomas Medioni (France)78
121st – Jerry Ball (WCC) (UK)76
122nd – Marco Santos (Portugal)76
123rd – Todd Lorbecki (USA)76
124th – Ward Simons (Belgium)76
125th – David Inwood (UK)75
126th – Eric Leichfuss (USA)75
127th – Garrett Metz (USA)75
128th – Mathieu Dupin (France)75
129th – Nicolas Moreno (Lithuania)75
130th – Paul Pudel (Deutschland)74
131st – Stephen Wheeler (Deutschland)74
132nd – Ibal Jauregi (Espana)72
133rd – João Pinho (Portugal)71
134th – Jonas Victorin (Sweden)70
135th – Robin Sanderson (UK)70
136th – J Coach (UK)68
137th – Josh Rosenblat (Canada)67
138th – Mathius Goossens (Belgium)67
139th – Angus Smith (UK)66
140th – Rod Costa (UK)66
141st – Bonehead Younger (UK)65
142nd – Chris Lirttle (Antartica)65
143rd – Lukasz Galka (Poland)65
144th – Stenström Patrik (sweden)65
145th – Chris Dudley (USA)63
146th – garry Twiss (UK)63
147th – Ken Williamson (UK)63
148th – Emily Hochberg (USA)62
149th – Thomas Otolekoala (France)62
150th – Tiago Pereira (Portugal)62
151st – Andrew Gibson (South Africa)61
152nd – Lewis Ridge (UK)61
153rd – Marc Fawcett (UK)61
154th – Jak yé Mitchell (France)60
155th – Ella Wheeler (UK)59
156th – Neil Forsythe (UK)59
157th – Erik Nylin (Sweden)58
158th – Riley Harvey (UK)58
159th – Angel Maestro (Espana)57
160th – Chris Martinez (OSA)57
161st – Flying Finnz (Thailand)57
162nd – Jo Gon (Espana)56
163rd – Lesley Baerts (Belgium)56
164th – Steve Dawson ((UK)56
165th – Chris Yag (France)55
166th – Christian Sheridan (USA)55
167th – El  Wright (UK)55
168th – Harald Hofmeier (deutschland)55
169th – Biscuit Dupanne (Netherlands)54
170th – Glen Thurgood (UK)54
171st – Wayne Kent (South Africa)54
172nd – Hakan Kutluca (Deutschland)53
173rd – Koen Feys (Belgium)53
174th – Stepan Lee (Danmark)52
175th – James Tobin (Eire)50
176th – Roberto Marti (Espana)49
177th – Ye Yuan (USA)49
178th – Arnaud Mourier (France)48
179th – Edgaras Spiridonov (Lithuania)48
180th – Thomas Christensen (Danmark)47
181st – Carl Dickenson (New Zealand)46
182nd – Laurent Gonon (France)45
183rd – Lea Marigaux (France)45
184th – Steve Millward (UK)45
185th – Ama Amra (Portugal)44
186th – C.Arlos (Mexico)44
187th – Barn Doors (OK)42
188th – Jorge Roldan (Costa Rica)41
189th – Romain Choquet (France)40
190th – Mike Murray (UK)39
191st – Asbjørn May (Danmark)38
192nd – Moises Silva (Portugal)36
193rd – Sander Anders (Netherlands)36
194th – Zack Welhouse (USA)35
195th – Pablo Vega (Espana)33
196th – Steeve Wall (Deutschland)33
197th – Iain Craik (UK)32
198th – john Purnell (UK)32
199th – Julien Chifou (France)32
200th – Dan Duffy (USA)31
201st – Michael Sendner (Deutschland)31
202nd – Marcoid Marabu (Hungary)30
203rd – Mike Niesten Netherlands)30
204th – Paulo Almeida (Portugal)29
205th – Ben Revill (UK)28
206th – Nuno Vicente (Portugal)25
207th – Vincent Delmas (France)25
208th – Guillaume Eynard (france)24
209th – Kristof Novi (Canada)24
210th – Beat Blumenthal (Switzerland)23
211th – Michael Creighton (Eire)23
212th – Jörg Mölls (Deutschland)22
213th – Julien Ouazri (France)22
214th – Becky Evans (UK)21
215th – Hendrik Erkamp (Netherlands)20
216th – Paulo Duarte (Portugal)18
217th – Emanuel Águas (Portugal)17
218th – Milan Guzijan (Serbia)16
219th – Island Arnaud (france)15

West London VR Series 3  Team StandingsAfter 11 races
2ndTEAM SANZ1875
12thTEAM BTR659

WESTONIA LEAGUE (Westerley CC members only) Standings
1st –Tim Cummins (WCC) (UK)188
2nd –David Buckley (WCC) (UK)187
3rd –Andrew Beale (WCC) (UK)184
4th –Dave Morrison (WCC) (UK) 173
5th –Nick Greenhalgh (UK)140
6th –Gautam Thakkar (WCC) (UK)87
7th –Tom Yates-Jaz (WCC) (UK)81
8th –Weiran Shen (WCC) (China)69
9th –Nic Lee (WCC) (UK)49
10th –Samir Doshi (WCC) (UK)40
11thNic Stevenson (WCC) (UK)39
12thRob Bennett (WCC) (UK)36
13thIan Nguru (WCC) (Kenya) 30
14thJerry Ball (WCC) (UK)17