Once the Puncture Witch ran out of puff, the Fairy Godmother unleashed the sunshine….


Now if you were following last week’s story about GT’s quest to become the luckiest unlucky man in the world, there was an ‘After Party’ this week. A smaller informal affair, but we are beginning to wonder if experts could discover whether there really is a phenonium known as GT Syndrome that can be scientifically defined?

Most of you reading this will be aware that there was a bit of a storm across the UK, with rain and wind lashing against our window panes, on the morning of Sunday 31st October (Halloween) and it was clear that torrential rain imminent at 9am was not going to be suitable for an enjoyable group ride. So we suggested a delayed start at 10.30am. Unfortunately at 10.00am in Ruislip the howling wind looked far to dangerous for a group ride and we took the difficult decision to cancel the ride on safety grounds.

The Puncture Witch clearly thought she had spoiled the day and reaped revenge on the Fairy Godmother for last week’s knockout. At this point she probably went back to bed to enjoy the extra hour afforded the great British public as the clocks had gone back.

But the Fairy Godmother was already consulting her spell book and convinced Dave Morrison to go to the start at the Polish War Memorial at 10.30am to explain to anyone who had missed the cancellation missive. Dave noticed that the wind had subsided a bit, GT had too and contacted Dave suggesting riding at 11.30am. Weiren joined them and they set off into the sunshine.

Of course, our three intrepid riders were encountering headwinds and sidewinds but the sunshine was good and they were, to an extent, rather pleased with themselves for venturing out in defiance of the Puncture Witch.

Unfortunately, the Puncture Witch noticed that her earlier witchcraft had not fully paid off and, in her fury, summoned up an unexpected 20 minute storm from hell midway through the ride. Torrential rain and wind were summonsed and unleashed upon our valiant cycling martyrs ….. thankfully the Fairy Godmother was watching over GT and his pals and all of this happened whilst our heros were sitting dry inside Jenners Cafe at Boulters Lock. After a very enjoyable coffee and cake, the trio remounted set off for home in yet more brilliant sunshine and a tailwind.

Two – Nil to the Fairy Godmother then …….