Things to do in 2022; No 5 The Dunwich Dynamo

The Dunwich Dynamo is one of those rides that we would recommend to any cyclist, even if only to do it once in their life.

It starts at 8pm – 9pm from London Fields in Hackney and rides out to the lost town of Dunwich which, is mainly under the sea on the Suffolk Coast these days. The idea is to have breakfast on the beach (there is a cafe that is open during the night for this event).

Before we go any further, we should explain that this is not an organised event, there is no official entry, no signage etc, it is effectively a spontaneous cycle ride without support. However, independently, many pop-up cafes and support outlets appear along the way, even a barbeque at Sudbury Fire Station and many pubs and other ‘pit-stops’ add to the carnival atmosphere and camaraderie that makes this a special event. If you want a GPX file of the route it is available to West London Cycling members via the Members’ Zone tab above, under the Rides and Routes option.

It always takes place on the Saturday nearest the full moon in July and in 2022 will happen on July 16th.

Obviously lights are necessary and a fold up jacket, maybe hi-viz? But there are literally thousands of other cyclists along the way so getting lost is unlikely.

The big conundrum is how to get home from Dunwich? Many people ride back home, and in 2021 we rode back to Epping and got on the Central Line back from there. But fortunately Southwark Cyclists organise coaches home for bikes and riders which anyone can book.

Until one has experienced this ride, it is hard to imagine it, but the occasion is really an all night bike party, and expect to see some especially decorated lit-up bikes along the way too.