Wouter ‘outta sight’ Claes – class outright winner!


If you thought riding downhill was easy, you might like to think again after watching this race. It may not have suited lighter riders, with its downhill profile and with the guys on the front putting on the pressure throughout the 16.9km, it was attritional carnage as the front peleton just thinned and thinned over the descent. Some big names got dropped here, this was serious stuff and, whilst we expect fast and furious races; this averaged around 50kph, that’s quality time trial standard. Watch the stream with commentary.



Chapeau to Wouter Claes on a perfectly timed sprint to pip Tim Cooke and superstar Tom Gakes in an intense race. This was a big race with 114 starters from 140 sign ups, with 105 finishing. Commiserations to Kara Bonneau who appeared to be stuck with a mechanical and registered a DNF, but there was a great rivalry for top spot in the Ladies League with the USA’s Holly Larsen just edging out New Zealander Wendy ‘wonderwheels’ Gallagher by a few seconds. Great racing ladies!

We now have a Ladies Team League too, with Twickenham CC and Smile On both registering Ladies Teams. We will make more announcements about this but we salute the Lady Pioneers racing in West London VR.

Meanwhile, in the overall (unisex) General classification Wouter Claes took more ground on John Sammut and Ned Bowen …. but it ain’t over until the Fat Tyres Screech so keep watching and racing … everyone has a bad day, although Wouter ain’t having many lately!

Ellen Lockett maintains the overall lead in the Ladies League despite not racing and with the large field many riders were squeezed for points this time around. It’s still wide open and remember it is a rider’s six best results that count in the Ladies League.

And for the first time this season we can publish the Six of the Best table, which is based on any rider’s six best results. You won’t be surprised by the star names topping that list …scroll down to check it out

In the team competition Pocomotion maintain top spot with Moon Riders ‘snapping at their heels’ Meanwhile, in our new Ladies Team Classification Twickenham Ladies are leading the newly formed team Smile On ….for now!

Linda Van Dyk from Smile On Ladies Team
Lisa West in Twickenham CC’s newly adopted kit

So, on to the stats …. and there’s loads of them……..

West London VR Series Four
Ladies League Standings
(Best Six Results count)
After 7 races out of 13
Ellen LockettUK96
Lisa WestUK89
Claire MillerUK83
Anna RonkainenFinland75
Wendy Wonderwls (Gallagher) New Zealand61
Claire Thomson UK60
Urska KorentSlovenia54
Lynda Van DyckAustralia 37
Karen Bailey UK35
Lorna RowlandUK30
Joanne MaltbyCanada28
Holly LarsenUSA23
Sarah PitchfordAustralia 1
Griselda PulgarinEspana1
Lorraine FountainUK0
West London VR Series 4  Team StandingsAfter 7 races
2ndMOON RIDERS 11290
13thTEAM SANZ387
Race 4.7 Hambleden Hurdles
5th January 2022
1 Wouter Claes ṀṚBelgium20:00.84.07100
2 Tim Cooke 3rAustralia20:00.8 + 0.0243.5499
3 Tom GakesNetherlands20:00.9 + 0.0623.8598
4 Doug HartUK20:01.1 + 0.2464.397
5 Joshua Smitharoo89USA20:01.1 + 0.3183.8396
6 Per SoderbergSweden20:01.2 + 0.4373.895
7 Jack Samways[wvs]UK20:01.3 + 0.4474.4894
8 Micke GustafssonSweden20:01.3 + 0.4554.5393
9 Mario CaveliusDeutschland20:01.3 + 0.5274.1392
10 J. Sammut pocoUK20:01.4 + 0.5844.2491
11 Mathias BergkvistSweden20:01.4 + 0.6184.1190
12 Mattias LundqvistSweden20:01.5 + 0.6984.5589
13 Kristen Ege pocoDanmark20:01.7 + 0.9073.888
14 Nick Greenhalghяʀ (o)UK20:02.0 + 1.1614.1987
15 Mathieu Drujon (spc)France20:02.4 + 1.6293.5786
16 James MelvilleUK20:02.7 + 1.8914.2385
17 Alasdair McalpineUK20:05.0 + 4.1915.0884
18 Kasper HededamDanmark20:11.6 + 10.8274.983
19 Ryan SedivecUSA20:11.7 + 10.8494.2882
20 A. Ussie king. 🙂 3rAustralia20:18.9 + 18.0964.0381
21 Brian Vince [wvs]Canada 20:20.6 + 19.7694.4780
22 Jonas Van der wielBelgium20:27.8 + 27.0404.8279
23 Daniel NeugebauerDeutschland20:34.6 + 33.8344.2578
24 Carlos CelaEspana20:37.5 + 36.7294.0277
25 Mat HammondUK20:43.6 + 42.8214.1576
26 James Currie sdw bUK20:44.6 + 43.7833.5275
27 Tomasz Poniatowski [ṀṚ]Poland20:44.6 + 43.8413.0874
28 Ned BowenUSA20:44.7 + 43.8683.8573
29 Mike AdeUK20:44.7 + 43.9133.7872
30 Stuart Gillies tccUK20:45.5 + 44.7203.7771
31 Kevan Unsworth (m)UK20:45.6 + 44.7502.670
32 Mark Rowbottom яʀUK20:49.7 + 48.8564.2169
33 Mike Wareham (ṀṚ)UK20:49.8 + 49.0073.1368
34 Jonathan Frost [tcc]UK20:49.9 + 49.0834.3567
35 Rocket Roy nield (c)UK20:50.0 + 49.1654.6266
36 Simon Miller sdwUK20:50.0 + 49.2173.7865
37 Luigi PiolliniItaly20:56.8 + 55.9834.6664
38 Mads Schnoor pocoDanmark21:28.3 + 1:27.4513.3463
39 Andrew Beale cUK21:28.7 + 1:27.8563.5462
40 Julian Fussell sdwUK21:29.1 + 1:28.2683.9861
41 Buck RogersUK21:29.1 + 1:28.2703.9560
42 Brian DetwilerUSA21:29.1 + 1:28.2854.6159
43 Matthew FeelyEire21:29.3 + 1:28.5413.7358
44 Moreno Ceccon (b 48)Italy21:29.4 + 1:28.567357
45 Even Oistensen 3rNorway21:29.9 + 1:29.0463.5456
46 Marcin Szkudlarek [ṀṚ]Poland21:30.0 + 1:29.2363.7155
47 Ragnar Laan (tcc)Estonia21:33.6 + 1:32.8213.3354
48 Chris Duffy beesUK21:35.7 + 1:34.8783.1853
49 Tomas NygrenSweden21:36.1 + 1:35.2752.5552
50 David wcc Buckley wccUK21:36.1 + 1:35.2873.251
51 Paul HindsonUK21:36.6 + 1:35.7673.7350
52 Simon Hall [wvs]UK21:37.1 + 1:36.3324.6849
53 Tom Moss sdwUK21:38.2 + 1:37.4003.6248
54 David Ellis (c) mUK21:51.3 + 1:50.4863.0747
55 Stu ThornUk21:51.6 + 1:50.7663.4446
56 Ian Sudds (m)UK21:51.7 + 1:50.9323.6645
57 Todd LorbeckiUSA21:51.8 + 1:50.9643.6444
58 Jacek RorbachPoland21:52.1 + 1:51.2803.4643
59 Harry (arry) smits (o)Netherlands21:52.2 + 1:51.3533.9842
60 James DicksUK21:52.4 + 1:51.6194.4941
61 Witek Rzeszutek [ṀṚ]Poland22:05.7 + 2:04.9363.5540
62 Stephane FrigioliniFrance22:14.0 + 2:13.1753.6939
63 Isithor Isithor[ṀṚ]Italy22:32.9 + 2:32.1344.5538
64 Tom WendlandUSA22:37.5 + 2:36.7323.3637
65 Pat HerronUK22:37.6 + 2:36.7904.1336
66 Iain DavidsonUK22:42.0 + 2:41.1973.435
67 Phil Dolphin bUK22:42.1 + 2:41.2812.6934
68 Nick PinxtenBelgium22:46.2 + 2:45.3603.6233
69 Tim Wood (bc)UK22:57.8 + 2:56.9812.9232
70 Crisco LordUSA22:58.2 + 2:57.3823.4831
71 Mike BuckhurstUSA22:58.5 + 2:57.7233.2930
72 Tom Yates-ijazUK22:58.5 + 2:57.7383.5329
73 Ml IcetrikesukUK22:58.9 + 2:58.1423.4428
74 Mark LightfootUK22:59.3 + 2:58.5393.4127
75 Rafael NunezEcuador23:00.0 + 2:59.1512.9326
76 Cameron LeesUK23:04.6 + 3:03.8043.6525
77 Martin WilsonUK23:12.6 + 3:11.7763.0624
78 Holly LarsenUSA23:15.7 + 3:14.9313.4223
79 Tim CumminsUK23:36.3 + 3:35.4553.0822
80 Wendy Wonderweels-otrNew Zealand23:36.7 + 3:35.9283.4221
81 Gt ThakkarUK23:43.5 + 3:42.6692.8720
82 Grant WatsonUK23:43.5 + 3:42.7182.4119
83 Tony Bowler (52c)UK23:51.7 + 3:50.8633.0518
84 Jarek ProczkowskiPoland23:56.8 + 3:56.0243.417
85 Roy LemmensBelgium24:19.3 + 4:18.4642.9616
86 Claire Miller (tcc)UK24:20.6 + 4:19.8273.7615
87 Pj TccUK24:21.9 + 4:21.0812.6914
88 Gavin Grant tccFrance24:41.1 + 4:40.2532.3813
89 Miguel Silva bPortugal24:41.9 + 4:41.1302.9312
90 Robert Blackburn [tcc]UK24:49.1 + 4:48.2572.8111
91 Steven KillingbeckUK25:06.2 + 5:05.3842.0810
92 Coco MaisieUK25:12.8 + 5:11.9893.189
93 Charlie SimpsonUK25:15.2 + 5:14.4132.528
94 Guillaume GibertFrance25:52.1 + 5:51.31437
95 Poul erik LauritsenDanmark25:52.2 + 5:51.3941.976
96 Niels Van der wielBelgium26:01.7 + 6:00.9412.515
97 Briand Beausoleil tccUk26:03.8 + 6:03.0172.194
98 Rick Van der laanNetherlands26:22.1 + 6:21.2812.73
99 Lynda Lynda vAustralia26:31.8 + 6:30.9823.122
100 Lisa West tccUK26:47.2 + 6:46.3472.241
101 Gri PulgaEspana26:57.0 + 6:56.1642.721
102 Søren AskaaDanmark27:07.3 + 7:06.5432.31
103 Sarah PitchfordAustralia27:12.8 + 7:11.9702.261
104 Gerd DiDeutschland28:02.5 + 8:01.7312.161
105 John BelluardoUSA42:55.5 + 22:54.6711.51
West London VR Standings
Series Four 
After 7 Races
1stWouter Claes (Belgium)695
2ndJohn Sammut (UK)659
3rdNed Bowen (USA)649
4thCarlos Cela (Espana)629
5thJames Melville (UK)621
6thJames Currie (UK)607
7thMario Cavelius (Deutschland)585
8thNick Greenhalgh (UK)547
9thJared Millar (New Zealand))544
10thJan VD Linden (Netherlands)534
11thMathius Bergkvist  (Sweden)530
12thAlasdair McAlpine (UK)524
13thMike Ade (UK)521
14thTomasz Poniatowski (Poland)508
15thKasper Hededam (Danmark)500
16thPaul Hindson (UK)475
17thTom Moss (UK)475
18thDaniel Neugebauer (Deutschland)470
19thSimon Hall (UK)470
20thBrian Vince (Canada)441
21stSimon Miller (UK)427
22ndMark Rowbottom (UK)409
23rdAndrew Beale (WCC) (UK)401
24thJulian Fussell ((UK)398
25thMarcin Szkudlarek (Poland)385
26thKristen Ege (Danmark)371
27thKader Allouni (UK)364
28thDoug Hart (UK)357
29thDavid Buckley (WCC) (UK)352
30thMatt Feely (Eire)351
31stShawn Murlough (UK)337
32ndAussie King (Australia)324
33rdJack Samways (UK)317
34thMathew Hammond (UK)316
35thDarryl Green (UK)295
36thRobert Jenko (Slovenia)290
37thKevan Unsworth (UK)283
38thMiles Askew (UK)283
39thStuart Gillies tcc (UK)280
40thMarco Verhoogt (Netherlands)274
41stPat Herron (UK)271
42ndJames Dicks (UK)256
43rdGreg Barnett(o)(UK)252
44thTomas Nygren (Sweden)250
45thJohan Oelofse Sanz (SA) (New Zealand)248
46thPer Soderberg(m) OTR (sweden)247
47thMartin Wilson (UK)240
48thGautam Thakkar (WCC) (UK)233
49thkester Dobson (UK)226
50thAndrew Goff (Australia)218
51stTim Cummins (WCC) (UK)218
52ndIan Sudds (UK)199
53rdRasmus Feldballe (Danmark)195
54thHans Stuifbergen (Netherlands)189
55thRafael Nunez (Ecuador)186
56thJonathan Frost (UK)185
57thChris Duffy (UK)184
58thMike Buckhurst (USA) 184
59thScott Crichton (Australia)184
60thIan Sudds (UK)175
61stStu Thorn (UK)174
62ndTom Birch (UK)172
63rdRob Miller (USA)160
64thCameron Lees (UK)153
65thFrancois Iker (Belgium)152
66thJoshua Smitheroo (USA)149
67thJoão Pinho (Portugal)147
68thJacek Rorbach (Poland)146
69thNicki Haugaard (Danmark)145
70thWill Hutchins (UK)142
71stRocket Roy Mield (UK)141
72ndCarl Dickenson (New Zealand)139
73rdFleming Bach (Danmark)134
74thTerrence Harest (Poland)131
75thGavin Grant (France)119
76thPaulo Almeida (Portugal)119
77thEven Oistensen 3r (Norway)114
78thRichard Howell (UK)112
79thPhilip Procter wlc WahooLeCol (UK)108
80thC Maisie (UK) (Colin Stewart)99
81stHarry Smits (Netherlands)99
82ndScott Gleeson (USA)99
83rdTim Cooke 3r (Australia)99
84thPJ Champault (tcc) (UK)98
85thTom Gakes (Netherlands)98
86thWitek Rzeszutek [ṀṚ] (Poland)98
87thEllen Lockett (Uk)96
88thJan Deca (Belgium)96
89thDavid Kent (UK)95
90thMike Murray (UK)95
91stChris Morgan  (Australia)94
92ndMicke Gustafsson (Sweden) 93
93rdWill Stone (UK)93
94thDaniel Schoch (Deutschland)92
95thJesper Verhoeven (Netherlands)90
96thJohn Beames (UK)90
97thIan Nguru (WCC) (Kenya) 89
98thLisa West UK)89
99thLuc Van Reeth (Belgium)89
100thMattias Lundqvist (sweden)89
101stSteven Brierley NPR3R (UK)89
102ndWout Hartveld (Netherlands)87
103rdAntoine Renou (France)86
104thJonathan Crain (USA)86
105thMathieu Dupin (France)86
106thEnot Racoon (Netherlands)84
107thClaire Miller (UK)83
108thJérôme BÉrubÉ (Columbia)82
109thRyan Sedivec (USA)82
110thKurt nørum Pedersen (m) (Danmark)80
111thJonas Van der wiel (Belgium)79
112thKristoff Keszthelyi (Hungary)79
113thPeter Austin (UK)79
114thAntony Gough (UK)78
115thJoe Benians (UK)78
116thNeil Pugh (UK)78
117thMike Lister (UK)77
118thTom Yates-Jaz (WCC) (UK)76
119thAnna Ronkainen (Finland)75
120thNic Lee (WCC) (UK)75
121stRob Burdon (UK)74
122ndSteve Mayes (UK)74
123rdJulian Mahecha (Columbia)71
124thKevin Walker (Eire)70
125thJorgen Van Bers (Netherlands)69
126thMike Wareham (UK)68
127thAshley Dunstan (UK)67
128thEuan Lamont (UK)67
129thMarcus Garwood (UK)67
130thPierre Massé (France)67
131stMark Lightfoot (UK)66
132ndJesper Hansen (Danmark)65
133rdLuigi Piollini (Italy 64
134thRichard Gillingham (UK)64
135thRoss Collins (UK)64
136thHans Perrson (Sweden)63
137thMads Schnoor Nielsen (Danmark) 63
138thDaan Delva (Belgium)62
139thUros Vudler (Slovenia)62
140thRob Slater (UK)61
141stWendy Wonderwls (Gallagher) (New Zealand)61
142ndBuck Rogers (UK)60
143rdClaire Thomson (UK)60
144thGuliiame Gibert (France)60
145thSuard Christophe (France)60
146thAndrzej Krajewski (Poland) – 59
147thBrian Detwiler (USA)59
148thJoe Pavlik (USA)59
149thTim Jenisson Deutschland)58
150thMichael Hirmer (Deutschland)57
151stMoreno Ceccon (b 48) (Italy)57
152ndWilger Stoppels (Netherlands)57
153rdGraham Beckett (UK)55
154thJesper Hvisthule (Danmark)54
155thPete Kennedy (UK)54
156thRagner Laan54
157thUrska Korent (Slovenia)54
158thMiguel Silva (Portugal)53
159thNico Pflueger (Deutschland)53
160thDavid Alves (Portugal)52
161stGlen Thurgood (UK)52
162ndDavie Graham (UK)51
163rdDave Akrigg (UK)50
164thMike Waterton (UK)50
165thKelle Rennrad (Deuyschland)49
166thMatt Brouns (UK)49
167thCalle Blomberg (Sweden)48
168thBert Courtyn (Belgium)47
169thDavid Ellis (UK)47
170thDavid Thomas (UK)47
171stDennis Martin (UK)47
172ndKai Thomas (Finland)47
173rdRobert Blackburn (UK)47
174thJamesTurner (New Zealand)46
175thLa A.terrehaute (UK)46
176thT. Scho (Deutschland)46
177thFrancisco Zapata Iniesta (Espana)45
178thSebastian Marghella (UK)45
179thVladimir Homutov (Russia)45
180thChristophe Marx (Deutschland)44
181stGufo Pino (Italia)44
182ndPaul Elliott (UK)44
183rdTodd Lorbecki (USA)44
184thLo scalatore Dell’etna (Italia42
185thRuben van der Wiel (Belgium)42
186thChristophe Mathieu (France)41
187thCees De jong (Netherlands)40
188thDonald Grant (UK)40
189thPino Ferro (Italia)40
190thAlistair Dow (UK)39
191stStephane Frigiolini (france)39
192ndAndrew Rimmingham (UK)38
193rdGreg Greasley (UK)38
194thIsithor Isithor[ṀṚ] (Italy)38
195thjohn Gymer (UK)38
196thLynda Van Dyk (Australia)37
197thTom Wendland (UK)37
198thDave Morrison (WCC) (UK) 35
199thIain Davidson (UK)35
200thKaren Bailey (UK)35
201stKristof Novi (Canada)35
202ndMarc Fawcett (UK)35
203rdDavid Symonds (UK)34
204thEnzo Misuraca (Italia)34
205thLa A.terrehaute (UK)34
206thPhil Dolphin (UK)34
207thAlessio Ghera (Italia)33
208thDermot Doyle (Canada)33
209thLucien Mertens (Belgium)33
210thNick Pinxten (belgium)33
211thTim Wood (UK)32
212thCrisco lord (USA)31
213thGregor Hasert (Deutschland)31
214thArthur Boniver (Belgium)30
215thDanie Steyn (South Africa)30
216thLorna Rowland (UK)30
217thCallum Carruthers (UK)29
218thMaik Schlien (Deutschland)29
219thJoanne Maltby (Canada)28
220thMl Icetrikesuk (UK)28
221stJay Te (Austria)27
222ndJeff Peeters (Belgium)26
223rdBruno Carrasco (Portugal)25
224thMarek Kruszynski (Poland)25
225thRichard Green (UK)25
226thMark Vassalotti (USA)24
227thPrepelu Pepeluso (Espana)24
228thSzymon Koczet (Poland)24
229thHolly Larsen (USA)23
230thWeiran Shen (WCC)  (China)22
231stBarry Siddle (UK)21
232ndLudwig Neumayer (Deutschland)21
233rdMarek Krajewski (Poland)20
234thGrant watson (UK)19
235thMarek Koperski (UK)19
236thTony Bowler (52c) (UK)18
237thJarek Proczkowski(Poland)17
238thPer Tideman (m) eCKD (Danmark)17
239thRoy Lemmens (belgium)16
240thMichael Berri (Suisse)15
241stSteven Killingbeck (UK)10
242ndCharlie Simpson (UK)8
243rdPoul erik Lauritsen (Danmark)6
244thNiels Van der wiel (Belgium)5
245thBriand Beausoleil (UK)4
246thRick Van der laan (netherlands)3
247thGerd Di (Deutschland)1
248thGri Pulga (Espana)1
249thJohn Belluardo (USA)1
250thSarah Pitchford (Australia)1
251stSøren Askaa (Danmark)1
West London VR
Six Times Table (Six of the best)
After 7 races
Name Points
Wouter Claes (Belgium)598
Ned Bowen (USA)576
John Sammut (UK)569
Carlos Cela (Espana)552
Nick Greenhalgh (UK)547
Jared Millar (New Zealand))544
James Melville (UK)538
James Currie (UK)536
Jan VD Linden (Netherlands)534
Mathius Bergkvist  (Sweden)530
Mario Cavelius (Deutschland)515
Alasdair McAlpine (UK)496
Daniel Neugebauer (Deutschland)470
Mike Ade (UK)458
Tomasz Poniatowski (Poland)452
Kasper Hededam (Danmark)448
Brian Vince (Canada)441
Tom Moss (UK)427
Paul Hindson (UK)425
Simon Hall (UK)421
Mark Rowbottom (UK)409
Andrew Beale (WCC) (UK)401
Julian Fussell ((UK)398
Simon Miller (UK)390
Kristen Ege (Danmark)371
Kader Allouni (UK)364
Doug Hart (UK)357
Matt Feely (Eire)351
Marcin Szkudlarek (Poland)344
Shawn Murlough (UK)337
Aussie King (Australia)324
Jack Samways (UK)317
Mathew Hammond (UK)316
David Buckley (WCC) (UK)311
Darryl Green (UK)295
Robert Jenko (Slovenia)290
Kevan Unsworth (UK)283
Miles Askew (UK)283
Stuart Gillies tcc (UK)280
Marco Verhoogt (Netherlands)274
Pat Herron (UK)271
James Dicks (UK)256
Greg Barnett(o)(UK)252
Tomas Nygren (Sweden)250
Johan Oelofse Sanz (SA) (New Zealand)248
Per Soderberg(m) OTR (sweden)247
Martin Wilson (UK)240
Gautam Thakkar (WCC) (UK)233
kester Dobson (UK)226
Andrew Goff (Australia)218
Tim Cummins (WCC) (UK)218
Ian Sudds (UK)199
Rasmus Feldballe (Danmark)195
Hans Stuifbergen (Netherlands)189
Rafael Nunez (Ecuador)186
Jonathan Frost (UK)185
Chris Duffy (UK)184
Mike Buckhurst (USA) 184
Scott Crichton (Australia)184
Ian Sudds (UK)175
Stu Thorn (UK)174
Tom Birch (UK)172
Rob Miller (USA)160
Cameron Lees (UK)153
Francois Iker (Belgium)152
Joshua Smitheroo (USA)149
João Pinho (Portugal)147
Jacek Rorbach (Poland)146
Nicki Haugaard (Danmark)145
Will Hutchins (UK)142
Rocket Roy Mield (UK)141
Carl Dickenson (New Zealand)139
Fleming Bach (Danmark)134
Terrence Harest (Poland)131
Gavin Grant (France)119
Paulo Almeida (Portugal)119
Even Oistensen 3r (Norway)114
Richard Howell (UK)112
Philip Procter wlc WahooLeCol (UK)108
C Maisie (UK) (Colin Stewart)99
Harry Smits (Netherlands)99
Scott Gleeson (USA)99
Tim Cooke 3r (Australia)99
PJ Champault (tcc) (UK)98
Tom Gakes (Netherlands)98
Witek Rzeszutek [ṀṚ] (Poland)98
Ellen Lockett (Uk)96
Jan Deca (Belgium)96
David Kent (UK)95
Mike Murray (UK)95
Chris Morgan  (Australia)94
Micke Gustafsson (Sweden) 93
Will Stone (UK)93
Daniel Schoch (Deutschland)92
Jesper Verhoeven (Netherlands)90
John Beames (UK)90
Ian Nguru (WCC) (Kenya) 89
Lisa West UK)89
Luc Van Reeth (Belgium)89
Mattias Lundqvist (sweden)89
Steven Brierley NPR3R (UK)89
Wout Hartveld (Netherlands)87
Antoine Renou (France)86
Jonathan Crain (USA)86
Mathieu Dupin (France)86
Enot Racoon (Netherlands)84
Claire Miller (UK)83
Jérôme BÉrubÉ (Columbia)82
Ryan Sedivec (USA)82
Kurt nørum Pedersen (m) (Danmark)80
Jonas Van der wiel (Belgium)79
Kristoff Keszthelyi (Hungary)79
Peter Austin (UK)79
Antony Gough (UK)78
Joe Benians (UK)78
Neil Pugh (UK)78
Mike Lister (UK)77
Tom Yates-Jaz (WCC) (UK)76
Anna Ronkainen (Finland)75
Nic Lee (WCC) (UK)75
Rob Burdon (UK)74
Steve Mayes (UK)74
Julian Mahecha (Columbia)71
Kevin Walker (Eire)70
Jorgen Van Bers (Netherlands)69
Mike Wareham (UK)68
Ashley Dunstan (UK)67
Euan Lamont (UK)67
Marcus Garwood (UK)67
Pierre Massé (France)67
Mark Lightfoot (UK)66
Jesper Hansen (Danmark)65
Luigi Piollini (Italy 64
Richard Gillingham (UK)64
Ross Collins (UK)64
Hans Perrson (Sweden)63
Mads Schnoor Nielsen (Danmark) 63
Daan Delva (Belgium)62
Uros Vudler (Slovenia)62
Rob Slater (UK)61
Wendy Wonderwls (Gallagher) (New Zealand)61
Buck Rogers (UK)60
Claire Thomson (UK)60
Guliiame Gibert (France)60
Suard Christophe (France)60
Andrzej Krajewski (Poland) – 59
Brian Detwiler (USA)59
Joe Pavlik (USA)59
Tim Jenisson Deutschland)58
Michael Hirmer (Deutschland)57
Moreno Ceccon (b 48) (Italy)57
Wilger Stoppels (Netherlands)57
Graham Beckett (UK)55
Jesper Hvisthule (Danmark)54
Pete Kennedy (UK)54
Ragner Laan54
Urska Korent (Slovenia)54
Miguel Silva (Portugal)53
Nico Pflueger (Deutschland)53
David Alves (Portugal)52
Glen Thurgood (UK)52
Davie Graham (UK)51
Dave Akrigg (UK)50
Mike Waterton (UK)50
Kelle Rennrad (Deuyschland)49
Matt Brouns (UK)49
Calle Blomberg (Sweden)48
Bert Courtyn (Belgium)47
David Ellis (UK)47
David Thomas (UK)47
Dennis Martin (UK)47
Kai Thomas (Finland)47
Robert Blackburn (UK)47
JamesTurner (New Zealand)46
La A.terrehaute (UK)46
T. Scho (Deutschland)46
Francisco Zapata Iniesta (Espana)45
Sebastian Marghella (UK)45
Vladimir Homutov (Russia)45
Christophe Marx (Deutschland)44
Gufo Pino (Italia)44
Paul Elliott (UK)44
Todd Lorbecki (USA)44
Lo scalatore Dell’etna (Italia42
Ruben van der Wiel (Belgium)42
Christophe Mathieu (France)41
Cees De jong (Netherlands)40
Donald Grant (UK)40
Pino Ferro (Italia)40
Alistair Dow (UK)39
Stephane Frigiolini (france)39
Andrew Rimmingham (UK)38
Greg Greasley (UK)38
Isithor Isithor[ṀṚ] (Italy)38
john Gymer (UK)38
Lynda Van Dyk (Australia)37
Tom Wendland (UK)37
Dave Morrison (WCC) (UK) 35
Iain Davidson (UK)35
Karen Bailey (UK)35
Kristof Novi (Canada)35
Marc Fawcett (UK)35
David Symonds (UK)34
Enzo Misuraca (Italia)34
La A.terrehaute (UK)34
Phil Dolphin (UK)34
Alessio Ghera (Italia)33
Dermot Doyle (Canada)33
Lucien Mertens (Belgium)33
Nick Pinxten (belgium)33
Tim Wood (UK)32
Crisco lord (USA)31
Gregor Hasert (Deutschland)31
Arthur Boniver (Belgium)30
Danie Steyn (South Africa)30
Lorna Rowland (UK)30
Callum Carruthers (UK)29
Maik Schlien (Deutschland)29
Joanne Maltby (Canada)28
Ml Icetrikesuk (UK)28
Jay Te (Austria)27
Jeff Peeters (Belgium)26
Bruno Carrasco (Portugal)25
Marek Kruszynski (Poland)25
Richard Green (UK)25
Mark Vassalotti (USA)24
Prepelu Pepeluso (Espana)24
Szymon Koczet (Poland)24
Holly Larsen (USA)23
Weiran Shen (WCC)  (China)22
Barry Siddle (UK)21
Ludwig Neumayer (Deutschland)21
Marek Krajewski (Poland)20
Grant watson (UK)19
Marek Koperski (UK)19
Tony Bowler (52c) (UK)18
Jarek Proczkowski(Poland)17
Per Tideman (m) eCKD (Danmark)17
Roy Lemmens (belgium)16
Michael Berri (Suisse)15
Steven Killingbeck (UK)10
Charlie Simpson (UK)8
Poul erik Lauritsen (Danmark)6
Niels Van der wiel (Belgium)5
Briand Beausoleil (UK)4
Rick Van der laan (netherlands)3
Gerd Di (Deutschland)1
Gri Pulga (Espana)1
John Belluardo (USA)1
Sarah Pitchford (Australia)1
Søren Askaa (Danmark)1