Kit you never knew you needed; No 1 The Fiber Fix Emergency Spoke Replacement


Now, to be fair, broken spokes are not as common as punctures and aren’t always terminal but on a long ride it is not ideal. however, in the 2015 Paris-Brest-Paris Dave Morrison suffered a broken spoke at around 650km into the 1200kmride. As it happened, he had a couple of spare spokes and far too many other ‘just in case’ items in his Carradice Bag and managed to replace the spoke at the roadside. If only he’d known about this little beauty.

Made of Kevlar, it can be hooked to the hub and screwed into a spoke nipple (provided) at the other end. After PBP, Dave bought one and has, thankfully, never had to use it, but it is permanently in his Carradice bag for audaxes …… the packaging may be a bit worn after several years of travel, but the kit is still good. At £8.99 this is probably not a bad addition to your London-Edinburgh-London kit list for 2022.