Kit you never knew you needed: No 2, Emergency Tyre Boot

A Tyre Boot is needed where a gash in a punctured tyre is so large that the inner tube squeezes through such that it will inevitably puncture, this isn’t big news, it’s common knowledge, so why does it feature in this series?

To be fair, a bit of old tyre cut into a square has been a traditional safeguard to carry in a saddle bag and even a Mars Bar wrapper picked up from the roadside has done the job in the past, You can purchase ready made ones, such as the Park Tool one in the photos but you may ask why we are highlighting this bit of kit at this time?

Paradoxically, we think that these may be something that those on Tubeless Tyres might want to bear in mind and may have overlooked. Most of the time Tubeless Tyres will re-seal en-route, and if the gash is a bit too large, an inner tube can be inserted, but the problem of a gash so large that it can’t contain an inner tube still remains! With riders doing London-Edinburgh-London this year, maybe something for the saddlebag?