Kit you never knew you needed: No 3 Rim gripping Tyre Levers



In a world where Tubeless Tyres are becoming the standard, we have to accept that tyres need to be tight against the rim. There are plenty of debates about tyre and rim combinations and some certainly seem to bed together better than others. Along the way, there are going to be some tight squeezes and some manufacturers have designed tyre levers which hook on to the opposite side of the rim in order to get more leverage on that last, tricky, bit of getting a tyre on.

We have selected two here but there will be others.

The Kool Stop Tire Bead is a handled tool which looks a bit like a ratchet or pliers. It is really designed for seating tyres, as opposed to removal and is larger than a set of conventional tyre levers. The long handle offers good leverage, but will take more space up in a saddle bag than normal tyre levers.

The other option featured here is the VAR tyre levers which, is smaller and more saddle bag sized, albeit slightly bigger than normal tyre levers. Inserted in its design is a conventional tyre lever which, along with a hook on the main structure, means that these can be used either as a set of tyre levers or as a removal jack.