Kit you never knew you needed: No 12, Map Holder

OK, it’s a bit analogue, but we did get asked about them recently…..

With Google maps, and a plethora of cycling apps and computers why would anyone need a map holder on their bike’s ‘dashboard’?, you may ask.

We actually use it to hold Brevet Cards on Audaxes, or perhaps a Routesheet so that it is visible at a glance. If you’ve never done an Audax or Randonee, you probably will never need one of these, but if you like the flava of the old skool, then maybe you too can arouse the curiosity of other cyclings with one of these clamped to your stem


The one shown is a German Rixen Kaul KlickFix which is a bit old tech’ and could do with bringing into the 21st century as far as fixings are concerned, but is what it is. There are other brands, most are available from SJS Cycles …. we are not in any way associated with this shop, but they do stock a lot of kit you’ll find hard to source elsewhere.