Well done West London Cycling Audaxers

West London Cycling clocking up the points as 10 riders clock up the kilometres

West London Cycling may be less than a year old, but the pioneering members have wasted no time in clocking up some Audax points, even non Audax UK members have been in on the act with Hang Pang competing the 300km 3Down last weekend without scoring any points. At the time of writing West London Cycling was 17th in the Audax UK national Club Rankings (See main picture).

The 10 points scoring riders are listed below and there will be plenty more rides to enjoy locally over the coming weeks with Liam Fitzpatrick’s Tour de Ricky and the classic London-Wales-London on the horizon.

We will continue to run informal club DIY Audaxes and will be out on the road this Saturday.

All good fun on the run with West London Cycling