Kit You Never Knew You Needed: No. 15 Rehook Original Chain Replacement Tool

This series is designed to let you see things that you may, or may not, feel are useful to you. It’s an individual thing, and we suspect this one is going to ne like marmite, you either love it, or you don’t really think it is necessary.

It is neatly designed so that you can replace a chain without getting your hands dirty. It seems to work in that respect, and as you can see, it attaches to your bike. There is also a Rehook Multi Tool version available too.

However, the question really is, would you carry it around permanently, given that chains don’t tend to come off too regularly? So is it a ‘bikeshed’ tool or a portable tool? We’ll leave you to decide, on whether it’s something you’d carry on rides, just in case the chain came off.

What you may be interested to know is that this product featured on the BBC TV prgramme Dragons’ Den and got investment. The company has recently received the Queen’s Award for Enterprise: Innovation 2022 and you may recall that we included their innovative Tyre Glider earlier in this series.