One for the sprinters? West London VR standings could be shaken up in West London VR Race 5.3, flat, fast and furious fun for all.

WEDNESDAY 11th May 7.30pm (UK Time) on Wahoo RGT




Some great names feature at the top of all the classifications, but race 5.3 may have a bunch sprint that could have a big impact in the General Classification (all riders – 13 races). Meanwhile in the Ladies League we suspect the girls will be looking to get ahead of their rivals by getting themselves in a good group, so a fast start may be essential.

In the men’s race look out for Ned Bowen, uncharacteristically just outside the top 10 in GC, but his sprint is legendary. Anyone of the top 10 in GC are contenders for this race.

In the Ladies League it’s possibly a three way race between Judith Newton, Ellen Lockett and Carolinr Reuter. However, in the Ladies League it is the rider’s best six results over the series, so any ground lost here can be made up later in the series. Also, those that race every race, stand a chance of some good results if the girls at the top decide to miss a race, so don’t discount Wendy ‘Wonderwheels’ Gallagher, Kara Bonneau and the others from this contest, it has a long way to go! We’re loving the Ladies League!

The tussle between Pocomotion and Moon Riders for the teams classification in series four was exhilarating and, guess what they are at the top again. But beware, Tean Draft, Tom Gakes’ racers are lurking just behind, and the league is littered with big name teams such as Rasio, Pedalers and eCKD but the big new name in WLVR is NZBRO and expect them to start smashing some results. There are also the Cycling Club teams and Glasgow United and Southborough District Wheelers have consistently shown that they can compete with the pure e-teams on a regular basis.

In the Ladies League we are anticipating a competitive series in the team competition with Smile On and West London both eyeing the prize!

Of course, West London VR is not only about the front of the race, these races are designed for a natural selection process that allows those dropped from the front group to form second groups on the road and have a sprint at the end with peers, on a competitive basis … and we absolutely adore that this happens.

See you at 7.30pm UK time on Wahoo RGT  NEXT RACE 5.3 WEDNESDAY 11th MAY 7.30pm UK TIME ON WAHOO RGT ENTER HERE

Remember that top 10 finishers with a w/kg above 5 may be asked for an ebiopassport

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