Ladies League – Une Belle Battaille

Everything to play for as the ladies continue to thrill in the peleton……

It’s gettin’ hot in here, so take off on our roads …….. I was like, good gracious fast bodacious
Flightacious, tryin’ to show patience, Lookin’ for the right time to shoot my sprint

If Nelly ever raced RGT, maybe she’d assess it like that, but we don’t need Nelly givin’ it some welly, we’ve got the Ladies League Lasses, and dem girls are puttin’ on a show!

Ladies League is run within the Unisex West London VR Races and the first female finisher gets 100 points, the next female gets 100 minus the number of places between her and the first lady …. so beating a man in a sprint can add a point to your Ladies League tally …. it makes for great racing.

But, it is your best six results that decide Ladies League, so it’s hard to tell yet who has the advantage after 3 races with 10 left to go. Races take place on alternate Wednesdays with the next race at 7.30pm on Wednesday 25th May on Wahoo RGT ENTER HERE

The wonderful Wendy ‘Wonderwheels’ Gallagher currently leads the series on 265 points but has done three races, as have second and third placed Danielle Gaunt and Lisa Snell. Then come a quartet of girls on two races, Judith Newton, Spain’s Griselda Pulgarin, Jessica Wright and Kara Bonneau from the good ol’ USA. But lurking just behind are two of the favourites, Ellen Lockett and Caroline Reuter … and Liz Hardin looks a contender too. Laura Whittingham, Lisa West and Fiona Hamilton complete the table.

This has many twists and turns yet, we are loving it and we the girls are having a ball too.