Ride West London …. and other places too….

A busy Sunday for the West London Cyclonauts with club rides, some big event in London and a curry night to digest it all at the end.

Alright, we didn’t really cycle to Bangladesh but we did have a Sunday evening curry night so that we could excitedly discuss our weekend cycling without boring our families …. it was actually a fantastic evening, lager than life …. err we mean larger than life tales from the peleton. To be fair, two people did actually cycle to the curry evening!

A great ride out to Maidenhead for our Sunday club ride and absolutely loads of us representin’ at Ride London-Essex. Carl Yates actually became the official Instrgram star/poster boy of Ride London’s publicity with an impromptu interview at the start.

What we loved is that we had everything this weekend, riders at the sharp end and the challenge end of Ride London, superb camaraderie and support for each other in the club ride plus a brilliant social evening afterwards. We salute the West London Cycling community who displayed the best of club cycling attributes across the various activities.