West London Cycling Ladies League Latest

Twickenham Ladies are back and clocking up the points ….

The Ladies League is based on a rider’s six best results, and we have seven races left, so it is wide open. Jessica Wright was thrilled to see herself up in the podium places after race 5.6 and the Twickenham girls were getting back on track too. But it is New Zeaand’s Wendy Wonderwheels Gallagher who currently leads with four races under her belt. Danielle Gaunt is in third, also with four races completed, as have Griselda Pulgarin and Lisa Snell, but Ellen Locket is lurking in fourth spot with only three races done … but look further down, Caroline Reuter, Teleri Rees and Gail Robinson could all make up ground yet …. it’s too hard to call!

We are hoping Judith Newton will be back for race 5.7 and Kara Bonneau too …. phewthis is a thriller!

Next Up … The Hambledon Hurdles, like a ski slope, it’s a downhill dash ….


You can view the route here