West London VR Race 5.8 starting gate opens at 7pm if you want to be on the front row at the start …. Race starts at 7.30pm UK time on Wahoo RGT


With the ability to get on the front row of the start line half an hour before the start, it is noticeable how many riders choose to get in early. We can’t authoritively say that it is advantageous, but we believe it can help you get a better start …… at least, there are less people blocking you in. Always remember to spin hard in the seconds leading up to the start to get a good launch …. bonne chance ce soir!

With a short sharp ramp up to the finish line a close bunch sprint will be a fascinating prospect. However, we expect the big hitters to put a little pressure on during the first half of the 15.4km race over the first two gentle inclines. This is not a hilly race, it is rolling and never steep so, whilst not flat, is not a climber’s paradise either


You can view the route here