West London VR Race 5.9: IT’s an ITT on your IT and IT’s gonna be ‘IT’ …. make sure you’re in IT ….. Wednesday 3rd August 7.30pm UK Time

It’s dead flat, but with no draft capability (we’ve flicked the switch) you will get a full workout. Riders will go off at 5 second intervals, and with the draft feature switched off there will be no advantage in sitting behind any riders you may catch. Its 16km over 2 laps of the Waltham St.Lawrence official time trial course and has been a popular choice in previous series. However, don’t miss out this time as we are using another course in the upcoming series six.

This could have a big impact on everyone’s position in the Series rankings as the benefit of the peleton draft suits some more than others. The series is now wide open after Wouter Claes missed Race 5.8 due to holidays, so this is going to be a thriller.

We recommend getting to the start early in order to get an early start, but remember than with 5 second start intervals there will be 12 riders setting off per minute, so even if you arrive close to the starting time (7.30 pm UK Time) we doubt that it will take more than 7 or 8 minutes for everyone to be on the virtual road.


You can view the route here