Straight Outta Brompton, one for the B-Boys in NWL. The boys in the break do some damage in NWL (North West London) as Wouter Claes has the rhythm and beats all to win West London VR Race 5.10 open bike contest with a freestyle finish.

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We’ve seen Wouter Claes power home before, and he did it again here, but this race was special. The course was undulating and the big guns put the hammer down. But what was different here was that a group of five managed to break out of the remaining peleton towards the end and weren’t caught, absolutely amazing. When we say they weren’t caught, we should say that a handful of riders bridged across to the breakawy, but the peleton never made it. Watch the video, it’s impressive stuff.

With Nick Greenhalgh not racing and Tom Gakes and Ned Bowen being victims of the breakaway, Wouter now has a 30 point advantage over Ned Bowen in the General Classification with the ever popular James Melville up to third with three races to go in Series Five.

In the team classification Moon Riders are continuing to hold off Rasio Racing but there is another battle for third between Tom Gakes’ and Ned Bowen’s Team Draft and James Melville’s and Alisdair McAlpine’s Glasgow United.

The Six of the Best Competition remains very tight.


The Ladies League continues to fascinate with Daniele Gaunt and Jessica Wright smartly picking up points when the big guns aren’t racing and the best of six formula might just work out for them. Danielle won today but Gail Robinson from Twickenham CC is beginning to pick up some of that form she showed in Series three and is shooting up the rankings. Watch the video for a great tussle between Lisa Snell and Jessica Wright at the finish.





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Next up we have Race 5.11, slightly undulating again and it starts from the Polish War Memorial in West London… From Poland with Love is on Wednesday 31st August on Wahoo RGT at 7.30pm UK Time.

West London VR Series 5   
RACE 5.10 17-8-22 Straight Outta Brompton   
1Wouter Claes [ṀṚ] ṀṚ20:46.44.63100
2Moreno Ceccon m (team adr) 20:46.9 + 0.4733.699
3Rasmus Feldballe eCKD(GP)20:47.1 + 0.6594.5898
4Kjell gunnar Gjerdal [nzbro]20:47.2 + 0.7654.8197
5Albano Silva20:47.3 + 0.8215.5396
6Jan Vana (nopinzr3r) NPR3R20:48.1 + 1.6994.4495
7Doug Hart [pdl] Pedalers20:50.6 + 4.1604.4594
8James Melville21:01.6 + 15.1694.7393
9Tom Gakes [d] [D]21:19.9 + 33.5064.1292
10Kevin Cervelo [ṀṚ] (c)21:28.0 + 41.5394.6591
11Mark Rowbottom ЯƦ яʀ21:30.0 + 43.5584.3990
12Johan Arrhen21:36.4 + 49.9653.3789
13Alasdair Mcalpine21:36.9 + 50.4264.9988
14Carl Dickason (sanz)21:50.6 + 1:04.1253.9287
15Kurt nØrum Pedersen (m) (c) filsØ eCKD21:58.7 + 1:12.2503.6886
16Tim Cooke 3r 3R22:09.9 + 1:23.5033.7585
17Jørgen van bers [яʀ] яʀ22:30.0 + 1:43.5513.9784
18Ned Bowen [D]22:46.5 + 2:00.0613.8583
19Tomasz Poniatowski [ṀṚ] ṀṚ22:53.1 + 2:06.6472.9782
20 Ingmar Van bers [яʀ] Ra22:53.6 + 2:07.1544.0781
21Danie Steyn sanz23:00.6 + 2:14.1763.1580
22Mike Wareham [ṀṚ] ṀṚ23:27.0 + 2:40.5573.0879
23Jurgen Janssens Pedalers23:27.1 + 2:40.6863.7978
24David Oliver [nzbro]23:27.4 + 2:41.0013.5777
25Gordon Jackson otr OTR-keas23:27.9 + 2:41.4303.6476
26Thobias Björk23:27.9 + 2:41.4343.4375
27Mitch Ide23:28.6 + 2:42.1424.2674
28Jan-hendrik Visser23:28.6 + 2:42.1892.9873
29Even Oistensen (3r) 3R23:28.6 + 2:42.2003.1872
30Andrew Beale c We23:28.8 + 2:42.3243.1971
31David wcc Buckley wcc24:18.0 + 3:31.5593.2370
32Paul Pudel (otr) OTR Dev24:22.4 + 3:35.9573.669
33Harry Smits24:44.4 + 3:58.0023.7568
34William Shiels24:52.4 + 4:05.9833.1667
35Rafael Nunez24:52.7 + 4:06.2673.2566
36Mike Ade OTR Racing25:08.0 + 4:21.5502.5465
37Tom Walters25:08.5 + 4:22.0873.5264
38Thomas Alsop25:08.7 + 4:22.2843.0163
39Luc Van reeth m26:07.4 + 5:20.9922.9562
40Oscar Duran26:33.8 + 5:47.4083.1261
41Robert Gilmour26:39.9 + 5:53.5023.0660
42Roland Young26:49.4 + 6:02.9533.2759
43Danielle Gaunt27:02.2 + 6:15.7952.7358
44Paul Hh27:26.6 + 6:40.1392.357
45Gail Rob (tcc)27:51.7 + 7:05.2912.6856
46Lisa Snell32:02.5 + 11:16.0341.9255
47Jessica Wright..32:02.9 + 11:16.4362.0254
48Rick Van der laan36:12.8 + 15:26.3982.1253