Countdown to the Bank Holiday Randonax Rides ….. The Routes

Three beautiful routes to choose from, but what can you expect? We have galleries of photos from all three routes on the main page, link below, and there is a blog with details of how to reach the start venue, also link below.




But what about the routes? They are all picturesque and we have incorporated as many quiet lanes as we can for your enjoyment. The climbing on the 70km and 100km routes is about the average you’d expect from a Chiltern ride (about 1% of the distance) whilst the 200km route falls well below the average. We have not included any particularly nasty climbs, but we all have our views on what constitutes a hard I hill of course! We have aimed at keeping gradients manageable.

The maps below highlight the main climbs from each route, climbs that we have tested with a number of riders and we are happy that they are manageable in line with the distances. We haven’t highlighted all of the climbs on the 100km and 200km routes, partly because they are longer and partly because they duplicate ramps on the 70km route as all three routes share the same parcours up to Cholesbury Lane. The 100km and 200km routes split at the Pitstone Control Cafe at 47km. The 70km route has a Cafe Control Stop at 50km at Blackwells in Chipperfield.

Generally, rides out into the Chilterns rise steadily, such that the return leg is subtly downhill and, relatively easier, as you’ll find on the 70km and 100km routes. The 200km is less conventional, swinging round for some beautiful Oxfordshire settings then hooking down to Fifield and Windsor arriving back in Ruislip from a southerly direction.

We hope you enjoy them as much as we, and our test riders, have whilst creating them.

70km Randonax Route
100km Randonax Route
200km Randonax Route