Ladies League Latest ….

The ladies just keep us guessing, in what is already a thrilling series, we just can’t call the Ladies League, With three races to go, any one of a number of Ladies could grace the podium …..


In part, it is the make up of the series that makes it almost impossible to call, and we don’t know the Ladies’ strategies either. They are cool customers holding their cards closely whilst we get ever more intrigued ….

As the best six results decide the title, we can’t really know who will win until the end. With three races left in the series, some riders have completed more than six, others yet to complete six. But even those with six races done can still improve their scores by bettering their previous results. If riders tie then the positions will be decided upon total results, favouring those who do the most races.

Furthermore, if the top riders miss a race, the other riders get better points hauls, you don’t need to win the races to lead the table as Jessica Wright, the current leader, will testify. Turn up regularly and you’ll get some good outcomes. Jessica, Danielle Gaunt and Lisa Snell can all still add to their scores over the last three races.

But will Ellen Locket come back and storm a couple of races? Gail Robinson is returning to the form that saw her win the championship in the last series, she has three races to go to make six, she can still make the podium.

Wendy Wonderwheels Gallagher and Griselda Pulgarin may be back to top up their scores, as might Judith Newton, Lisa West and Kara Bonneau.

Maria Witzke can’t make six races, as was extremely unlucky in race 5.10 when a power cut hit her area, but there’s always Series Six starting in October!

Don’t take your eyes off this, pure drama!