Don’t forget to enter Sunday’s Chiltern Arrow ….

With the Chiltern Arrow only a few days away, make sure you have your entry in, it includes refreshments at the start and finish and will cost little more than a normal cafe stop. We are riding over from the Polish War Memorial at 9am and 8.20am, or you can drive to the start in Chalfont. There are 50km and 100km options, the longer route including some notable climbs including Kop Hill and Smalldean Lane. If you are riding the 100km route you may wish to join us at the Polish War Memorial at 8.20am, whereas 50km riders may choose the 9am start at the Polish war Memorial.



As noted above, we’ll ride to the start from the Polish War Memorial at both 8.20am and 9am (as we did last year) and Ian has agreed that we can start late if we arrive in Chalfont after the official start times – but please put West London Cycling on your entry please so that Ian knows you may be late, rather than a DNS.

For our regular Sunday Riders, the 50km option may suit you best as, combined with the ride out and back you will probably cover around 85km. Of course, you can drive to the start and meet us there if you like.

For those of you who like a challenge, the 100km route is fantastic, Kop Hill (as featured in the Tour of Britain a few years ago), Smalldean Lane with it’s 25% finale, Wigan’s lane up to Bledlow Ridge, Chipps Hill (Piddington), Winter Hill (Quarry Wood lane), and Harvest Lane …. a mouthwatering climbfest for the Anti-Gravitational Society

50km ROUTE

100km ROUTE

Ian Oliver always puts on a decent event (or two) and we are looking forward to this one. Entry is £11, starting at Chalfont Community Centre and we’ll meet (as usual) at the Polish war Memorial at 9am plus the additional, one off, special 8.20am start.

We suggest we ride back in groups at the end, made up of finishers and formed on an Ad Hoc basis.

Here’s a glimpse of last year’s ride: