Another Glorious Original West London Cycling Route for your Sunday Riding Delight on Sunday 25th September at 9am from the Polish War Memorial (A40 Ruislip / Northolt) … glorious weather too? Sonny Windless’s weather watch with West London Cycling


A new route with a new cafe as we head over to the West End Cafe in Warfield, starting at the Polish War Memorial, West End Road, Ruislip at 9am on Sunday 25th of September. As always, there are two options, a 79km route (WEST END – WEST – WEST END or WWW) or an 84km route (WEST END – WEST END – WEST END WEAVE or WWWW) and the number of groups at each distance depending on who chooses what on the day, however faster groups will normally do the slightly longer distance. There is not too much climbing apart from Crimp Hill at Old Windsor and Berry Hill at Taplow.

OPTION ONE – West End-West End-West End 79km

OPTION TWO – West End-West End-West End Weave 84km

As usual, there will be two routes to choose from and various speed groups to meet everyone’s needs.
Just turn up at 9am at the Polish war Memorial (A40 Ruislip / Northolt) with the route downloaded on your device. To get the route you need to sign up (free – see button above to subscribe) and then you’ll have acess to our routes via the members’ zone tab above (choose routes and rides).
We decide on the day as to how many groups we split into, it really depends on who turns up. The faster groups will usually do the longer of the two options with the aim of us all reaching coffee stops at similar times.