Join West London VR online Racing Teams and be a West London Winter Warrior ….

We are looking for a few more riders for our online e-racing teams on Wahoo RGT. We have our own international series on alternate Wednesday’s (West London VR) and will enter teams in that, as well as teams on Love TTT run by OTR. We also put a team in Moon Riders’ Heroica series.

We currently have two teams in the Love TTT series and would like to expand to three. Each race (Team Time Trial) can take up to six riders, and we race on the evenings riders are available (Monday to Friday 7.30pm UK Time) by using social media to determine everyone’s availability. You may find yourself riding in different teams in different weeks according to how many riders we have.

We also run a Ladies Team in our Wednesday Races, they are the current Champions, whilst out two TTT teams currently lead their respective leagues in the Love TTT series. A couple of the girls also ride in our TTT teams …

The events are on Wahoo RGT, which is free, you’ll need a smart trainer but after that just log on and ride with us. West London VR details here


Watch the YouTube sizzle below to see what our TTT teams look like (Right hand side) as well as some insight into the other West London Cycling activities.