The thrilling world of West London VR online racing, highs and lows on our video shows…..

Watch West London Team VR2 suffer from technical issues in a Team Time Trial

Whilst Tubeless Tyres and Electronic Shifters may be many people’s choices of recent cycling revolutions, many would point to the emergence of the Smart Trainer and online cycling as the big game changer in recent years. The COVID pandemic, no doubt, accelerated take up, in fact there was a shortage of Smart Trainers available from retailers in 2020, and the world of indoor-online cycling is now well established and still growing.

West London Cycling was born out of e-Racing, our popular international fortnightly races pre-dating the ‘real-life’ activities of the community. Our events have been a fixture now for nearly three years and we have been running racing teams over the last year.

But is can be both rewarding and frustrating, no punctures but the online equivalent ‘e-punctures’ or ‘techanicals’ are still a problem, most often due to loss of internet connection (a dropout}. But we’d add that this uncertainty can actually add to the fun and excitement. In our recently completed fifth series of the West London VR Series, Belgian Wouter Claes lost the title when his Smart Trainer malfunctioned in race 5.12. More recently, our Team VR2 suffered several dropouts and a screen malfunction during a Team Time Trial event, which you can watch in the video above.

Watch the four video here and if you are interested in joining our racing teams, use the Contact Us Tab to get in touch. We run Time Trial Teams, Race Teams and a Ladies Team



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