It’s the return of Ladies League, are you in the Wednesday fray? The action starts Wednesday 12th October 7.30pm UK Time on Wahoo RGT

 ENTER Race 6.1 HERE  You can View the course here REAL LIFE RACE VIDEO HERE

Series Five saaw another exciting Ladies League go to the wire, and we look forward to Series Six …. make sure that you are seated and cleated on Wednesday 12th October at 7.30 UK Time on Wahoo RGT.

It is helpful if you can let us know if you are competing in the Ladies League (as the software doesn’t automatically note a rider’s sex), but if you can’t then we will endeavour to spot your name and include you in the rankings after the race. Please contact us if we miss you via

We have a unique formula for our Ladies League, read on for details:

WEST LONDON VR SERIES SIX LADIES LEAGUE The points from your six best rides during the series will be counted and the female rider with the most points at the end of the series will win this competition. It is possible to augment your score by bettering your current 6th best result. To have your results included in the Ladies League please email your name to

The leading lady in any race gets 100 points with each subsequent female finisher getting 100 minus the number of places further back in the unisex race they finish. This keeps the incentive to beat men in the sprints because by beating men, you can score more points in the Ladies League. So, if the second lady finisher finishes twenty places behind the first, she gets 80 points and so on…. Our aim is to have Ladies Races where the girls can enjoy the benefits of the peleton, enjoy sprints and don’t end up isolated and solo on the course. It’s a unique concept we are evolving to make it more fun for everyone. The Ladies League is based on your best six results from the 13 in the series, so you don’t even have to take part in every race.

WEST LONDON VR SERIES SIX LADIES TEAMS CLASSIFICATION. Whilst all riders should enter and ride each race individually, they can concurrently score team points in the team classification in each race if they choose to join a team. Riders will be participating simultaneously in both the individual and team classifications.. Teams can be made up of between two and eight riders and the individual points earned by the top two from the team are added together to give a Team Score (ie if the top two riders scored, say, 43 and 37 points individually, then the team would also score 80 points). So you will only really need two riders to enter a team, but can’t have more than eight. If only one rider can make it we will still count their solo score for that race. Remember, this is in addition to the individual championships so either being in a team or not being in a team has no effect on your individual placings. You do not need to ride alongside each other, it’s just the best two individual scores that go to the team tally. Clubs may enter more than one team. TO ENTER A TEAM PLEASE EMAIL THE RIDERS’ NAMES AND TEAM NAME TO