West London VR is one of the longest running and largest events on the RGT platform. We spend many hours putting these events on free of charge and unpaid. There are others too who have put a lot of unpaid effort into RGT, and we salute those people, including OTR, WKG, ZMS, VCN, RIAK, SDW, eCKD, Rasio Racing, Moon Riders, Mountain Goats, NoCal, Lou Ricks, Omnium, Paul Nicholls, RGT Australia and many, many more (sorry if we missed you out, we really appreciate everyone who contributes). We at West London VR have also pioneered the innovative Ladies League which is gaining popularity and building a female race community on RGT. Ladies League, along with all of our events, is now under threat from Le Cold Corporates.

Quite why RGT think it is acceptable to suddenly run their own events up against ours is for their conscience, but the message this sends out is that when a bit of Le Cold Corporate Cash turns up they will just coldly run events up against the community events. There is a clear message here, which has the potential to discourage any community organiser from setting up events on RGT.

Alternatively, we can send a clear message back and save the community. We urge you to support the community run events on RGT, including our own.

We will be monitoring turnouts at the upcoming West London VR Races with a view to considering our future on RGT. We spend many hours producing these races, we don’t need the extra burden of having to compete with Le Cold Corporate Cash.

Hopefully, strong turnouts will persuade us to continue the events and send a clear message to RGT that they might like to start working with the supporters they have/had rather than trample all over them.

Thanks to everyone in the community for your messages of support, it is really kind of you and we really appreciate it.

Please support all of the independent race organisers on RGT.