Cade Equalized Test Race up next …. our series of informal test rides on this exciting new platforms continues at 7.30pm UK Time on Cade

We are running the second in a series of test rides on the new online platfom Cade, starting at 7.30pm on Monday 24th October. It is currently free to ride as it is in the Beta Test stage, it isn’t perfect yet but the amazing things they have lined up makes it look like a huge game changer. Join us in some small informal races over the coming weeks and let us have your feedback. Be there at the start, be an early adopter long before Johnny Mainstream arrives. This isn’t disruption, this is progress!

This time we are trying out an Equalizer Race, where all riders have the same power and effort will determine. This has the potential to be very interesting and exciting, we’ll find out on Monday, be sure to join us. BE SURE TO SET YOUR POWER TO PRO POWER WHEN YOU JOIN THE RACE


Cade is at the Beta Test stage, so will get even better, but it already looks set to overtake Zwift and RGT for features, yet all in one package and half the price of Zwift. Not quite perfect yet perhaps, but why not ride it whilst it’s free? It will be around £65 per year once they start charging. We are giving feedback to Cade and are finding that they are already dealing with most things we cite, or are very responsive.

We’ve had a go, there are all sorts of ‘maps’ (routes) with varying scenery, some fantasical like Zwift, other stuff more realistc. It can brake and steer, albeit from a computer keyboard which won’t suit every set-up. You can crash too, taking bends too fast for example, but this can be switched off. It has a feature that can equalise races, a sort of handicap, where the strongest riders will need extra watts, in other words a race strictly on effort, regardless of you ability. You can communicate in-race (no Discord needed) and there is loads more we haven’t even tried yet. The graphics are generally good, although avatars are being upgraded, which sounds about right to us.

Obviously there’s a bit of a learning curve on screen, but why not try it for free now?


To join the ride on Monday at 7.30pm, sign up for Cade now (It is currently free to test). Our test race is 10km long, set in in countryside and we’ve set it up with no wind this week. Riders will be uncrashable (ie you can’t crash during the race) and you should SET YOUR POWER TO PRO POWER WHEN JOINING THE RACE to equalise everyone’s power

Go to activities, then choose scheduled and you should see the race there. Also, search for the West London VR group on Cade, so that you will be invited to future races.

In the ‘Game UI’ settings we recommend that you switch off scoreboard and switch on the lap distance option. Raw power is what we will be riding in this particular race and there is a three minute warm up just before the start that delivers you to the start on time. You can set the difficulty low in the warm up. The warm up is to take away the idleness of sitting in the pen before the start. When you join on Tuesday evening, you need to go into the ‘LOBBY’ before the race.