Mad Dogs and West London go out in the morning rain

We don’t think anyone will be surprised that numbers were down a bit in the monsoon like conditions on Sunday morning, in fact you’ll probably be surprised that anyone turned out at all, but some people are just a bit hardcore. In fact, we don’t recall seeing any other Sunday Club riders, or leisure cyclists at all during the whole ride.

We have decided to use today’s planned route on October 30th instead so that nobody misses out on this brand new route created just for you, so Fantastic Voyage is now next Sunday’s route.

So our intrepid riders did an improvised freestyle route with some previously untried roads …. which we all enjoyed despite the downpour. In fact, just before the end the rain actually stopped and the sun was momentarily out, so we celebrated and enjoyed it with a puncture stop.

Unsurprisingly, not many people felt like getting cameras out in the rain, so not too many photos this week.