Four in the Pour and Hours of Showers – but we got the power to cycle every hour! Meet the Monsoon Mob, as the Foul-Weather Four defy the elements!

‘eavens open on the Evans boys.

Marvel: Our latest Super-Heroes, the Foul-Weather Four (L-R) Gary Pratchett, Leon Evans, Andy North and Bryn Evans

Chapeau to Gary Pratchett, Leon Evans, Andy North and Bryn Evans who bucked the trend in thunder and lightening to keep up the tradition of West London Cycling Sunday Rides being ’round the year’.

We had planned two rides on Sunday 6th November, our annual Brighton Veteran Car Rally Run plus a shorter route locally. The Brighton run was due to depart at 8am but the weather outside plus the forecast for the Brighton Area being even worse (There was a local weather warning there) it was decided at around 7.40 am to cancel Brighton but take our chances with the local route. A message was put out on the Whatsapp Group.

Unfortunately, Gary Pratchett had just left and was at the Polish War Memorial at 7.50am …. ultimately waiting an hour for the second wave …. strong man! Despite the shocking forecast and ‘Biblical’ weather three others came out to play and participate in the inaugoral Thames Valley Water Velo Park Grime Trial Watercross event.