Cornering on CADEsport


We are now running Equalized rides on Cade on Monday evenings at 7.30pm UK Time. These are races where every rider has equal power and sheer effort could win you the race. We think these are great fun for everyone not blessed by St.Mercx at birth, the most gifted riders may not see it that way of course, but we suspect they’ll be intrigued to see what happens when power is equalised … we suspect the true sportsmen and women may actually see it as a challenge.

We have switched off corner crashing for these Monday races for the time being whilst people become familiar with CADEsport, but we do intend to change that in the future …. one step at a time.

The race on Monday 14th November is the Dust Bowl Crit and we have also set it to zero wind factor, well, we didn’t wanting you getting dust in your eyes did we? 🙂

We recommend that you take a few solo rides on CADEsport to learn cornering before we factor crashing in. Here are some essential guidance tips to help you stay up…..

The Start / Finish Line on the Dust Bowl Crit Course, scheduled for the West London VR Race on Monday 14th November 2022

As the corner is entered, the speed is within the red zone on the speedometer (bottom centre) so a crash is likely if there is no braking ….
Inevitably the rider crashes because they are going too fast on a corner
The rider now suffers a time penalty before being able to ride again. Time penalties vary upon the difficulty mode the rider has set. Real mode gives the longest delay, medium next down to Arcade where the rider will not actually crash
On this bend the rider is probably riding too slowly as the speedometer is way below the red zone, but they won’t crash
Approcahing this bend the rider is in the red zone (bottom centre) but has stopped pedalling to mitigate their speed and should navigate the corner without crashing.

Other ways of helping to avoid crashes on corners involve using the spacebar on your laptop, which activates your brakes, or the Right and Left Arrow Keys which steer the bike, allowing the rider to take the outside of a bend.