Pedalers of Geography: A Time Marshal’s guide to one geopolitical map on RWGPS …. which you can ride virtually in West London VR Race 6.4 on Wednesday 23rd November at 7.30pm UK Time

Whilst Tim Marshall’s best selling geopolitical book Prisoners of Geography has had a resurgance of interest due to world events, we bring you another world event with it’s own special map and historic geopolitical map concerning the founder of the US State of Pennsylvania and the City of Philadelphia. Wiliam Penn is buried alongside this course. We’ll leave you to research any geopolitical history yourself, because we are here to bring you some top-notch non-political virtual cycle racing. One for Pedalers of Geography.

Whilst we at West London Cycling are not politically motivated, we do expect some adversarial battles on screen with each every rider mounted upon their steed and charging for victory. Get stuck in on Wednesday 23rd November at 7.30 UK Time for another 16km cavalry charge into the valley of deep breaths.


Race 6.4 Wednesday 23rd November 2022 ……. 7.30pm UK time.  

PUNCHEURS The Round of Pennsylvania (3 laps one climb each lap)15.3km  

This route passes the grave of William Penn in Jordans (UK). William Penn founded the US State of Pennsylvania and the City of Philadelphia. The title plays on the phrase ‘The Sound of Philadelphia’ in tribute to the legendary record label run by Kenny Gamble and Leon Huff.

The race consists of three laps, starting at the top of a valley then descending fast to the valley floor. A right hand turn then takes the peleton along the valley floor before another right turn starts the ascent back up the side of the valley. The final right hand turn is into the flat finishing straight. However, sight of the finish line does come late so keep your eyes upon the metres left to race before deciding when to sprint.

West London VR is an independently run, free to race, event run by West London Cycling. Please support all independent organisers on RGT, they spend their own time and money putting on events for the community.


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