CADEsport adds STEERING ahead of West London VR Equalized Race EER1 on Monday 21st November at 7.30pm UK Time …’Steer on EER !’

We are so excited with the potential of CADEsport, as you may have perceived already. It’s still at the testing stage but already we’ve have successful Equalized e-Racing where competitors’ power is equalised to give a more competive race where anyone can win.

There is also crashing on corners, not yet introduced in our races but we will add this feature in once you are all more familiar with the platform.

But this platform has just added a piece de resistance, sterring from your phone. You can hold your phone in your hand or fix it to your handlebars (phoneholders are widely available). When you go into a CADEsport, scan the QR code on the menu with your phone and a link to a webpage will appear, choose the webpage by touching the adrees on your phone screen.

Next, on your choose Connect to game on your phone.

You will then get the chance to calibrate your phone by setting the centre, left and right by pointing your phone accordingly and setting each one at the right amount. You can operate the steering by holding your phone and pointing it, or by fixing the phone to your handlebars. Your set up may, or may not limit handlebar movement but you will need to figure this out individually. We will look at options on another occasion.

Once you have steering, it only allows you to move across the road and choose a position within the peleton, in other words you don’t need it for navigating bends, other than to select the outside line, as you will naturally follow the course anyway.

This adds a whole new dimension to gaming, and we suspect that it may help cornering by allowing riders to select the outside line, although this is an assumption on our part at this early stage.

It will certainly help with overtaking and if you can attach your phone to your handlebars, then this become a more realistic feature. Bear in mind that race organisers can also set headwinds and sidewinds and you’ll begin to realise that CADEsport really is taking things to new levels in the world of e-Racing.

Join us on Monday 21st November at 7.30pm on CADEsport for our next Equalized e-Race with no crashing …. it’s just great fun. Steering optional.