Do it anyway you wanna with West London VR on Wednesday 23rd November 7.30pm UK Time

Whilst the race at the front may be fast and furious, West London VR is, and will always be, a race for the people. We deliberately don’t classify riders so that peletons of natural selection will form during the race, you’ll find yourself sprinting with your peers, although there is always the challenge of trying to hang on to the peleton ahead.

We introduced he unique concept of Ladies League, whereby women can race within a race and it has been a breakthrough for woken’s cycling on RGT.

We have six classifications to suit different riders.

It is totally free to enter, provided by independent unpaid organisers from the community since spring 2020. Now in its third year.


As usual, a 16km fast race but with a twist, we drop down the side of a valley, along the bottom, then back up for a flat sprint finish three times …. three small climbs to attack on. It’s classic course for another West London VR romp, be there or despair!


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