Sunshine at the Beeches on the West London Cycling Sunday Ride

With the rain pounding on window panes at 7am, some riders may have stayed in bed, but by 9am it was sunshine galore in the Costa Del Ruislip and around 20 outdoor sport enthusiasts headed for the Beeches, via Eton and the Windsor-Slough railway viaduct for a bit of mudguard-testing. There were plenty of puddles left over from the overnight rain but nothing too bad. This week’s Prince of Punctures crown goes to Leon Evans with a terrific blockbusting three stop strategy that ensured that, this week, the slow group finished first. Coffee at Burnham Beeches and back through Egypt.

NEXT WEEK: Hertfordshire & Brynstone with Bryn’s new SHerts and Shorts, or SHerts and Long Shocks rides.