A crash course in Equalized e-Racing … Race VEER2 doesn’t disappoint as Lisa Snell grabs yet another victory on CADEsport

We had a blast on Race VEER2 on CADEsport … Equalized with no corner crashes, but steering around obstacles was introduced for the first time ….. what could possibly go wrong? Or right perhaps? We love the crashes, they make the races so much more fun and unpredictable and add an element of skill sadly missing from other platforms ….STEERING!


OK, let’s be realistic, this innovation is going to take a bit of getting used too, but we had great fun learning … it really is the future of e-Racing. You can use the arrows on your PC’s keyboard, the buttons on your phone app, swivvel your phone (using the app) or attach your app to your handlebars. So many options, but you will need to avoid getting your smartphone screen wet with sweat, so don’t mount it on your stem (as Dave Morrison did) or else the sweat from your face will fall on the phone screen!

We recommend you watch the video to get a feel for just how much fun this is. CADE is breaking new ground with some great innovate features. They are being honed, this is Beta Testing …. make sure you are a part of it, join in next Monday at 7.30pm UK Time.

As usual, the races are equalized, so that everyone races in the Pro-Power setting which levels up the race. We are thrilled to see Lisa Snell win (yet again) although this was a very different type of race, with skill and concentration needed to negotiate the obstacles added in to the thrills (and spills).