With two Ladies League Christmas parties in December, it’s time for some bicycle boogie on Wednesday 7th and Wednesday 21st December with West London VR ….e-Racing ecstasy.



We know from past series just how exciting the Ladies League can be and, despite the league beginning to take shape there is plenty of time to complete six races, so we could yet see many twists and turns to the plot.There are nine races to go and Ellen Lockett is back from surgery …..

Caroline Reuter currently leads after 4 races with Judith Newton in second, but having ridden one race less. RIAK currently lead the teams classification from West London, but we think Twickenham may be mounting a challenge! Wendy Wonderwheels Gallagher remains another star for RIAK, currently third ahead of Danielle Gaunt and Holly Larson whilst Twickenham’s Lisa West leads her club’s charge in 6th place.


Riak Women 686

West london VR Ladies 658

Twickenham CC Ladies 495

Smile On Ladies 342

Next up is Race 6.5, a 16knm blast around the Fifield TT / Crit Race Circuit (preview link below)…. don’t miss out!



You can view the route here 

WEST LONDON VR SERIES SIX LADIES LEAGUE The points from your six best rides will be counted and the female rider with the most points at the end of the series will win this competition. It is possible to augment your score by bettering your current 6th best result. 

The leading lady in any race gets 100 points with each subsequent female finisher getting 100 minus the number of places further back in the unisex race they finish. This keeps the incentive to beat men in the sprints because by beating men, you can score more points in the Ladies League. So, if the second lady finisher finishes twenty places behind the first, she gets 80 points and so on…. Our aim is to have Ladies Races where the girls can enjoy the benefits of the peleton, enjoy sprints and don’t end up isolated and solo on the course. It’s a new concept we are evolving to make it more fun for everyone. The Ladies League is based on your best six results from the 13 in the series, so you don’t even have to take part in every race.