Crash, bang, wallop, what a glitcher, what a velo-laugh …. brilliant fun on CADEsport again …. Race VEER 4 report, it e-racing’s ‘Jeux Sans Frontieres’.

You could hear the laughter and anguish as riders crashed, losing places in the race, but loving the unpredictable excitement that the corner crashing on CADESport brings. This is coupled with the ProPower Equalization that means everyone has a chance as power is levelled out across the riders, you just know it’s great racing because everyone has a chance.

These are early days with CADE and they are continually improving it. It is already a leap ahead of everything else and there are more features to come. But at the moment we are all learning to brake on corners, or freewheel then accelerate out without crashing. It just adds so much skill … albeit that it is a skill we are all still mastering. If you are not taking part and learning, you’ll get left behind … don’t get left behind, this is Haute Couture Cycling, Jeux Sans Frontieres, une piece de resistance et cyclisme sur ordinateur exceptionnelle….. extrordinaire!

Well done to Dean and Kay Thompson from Lafayette Indiana, first and third respectively either side of Il Duca. Our own Malcolm Murdoch took fourth, silently gliding around with minimal crashes. To be fair, he did join in the audio banter a bit but was clearly more focused than some of us. David Tobin had an internet dropout (he had warned that this was likely before the start), Nicky Fosbrooke mistakenly forgot to set Pro Power but did a superb effort in Raw Power …. next time Nicky! Brett Smith needs a new microphone, but he does listen in to the audio!

Ray king had internet connections issues too, or more precisely Ant+ issues but enjoyed the audio banter anyway …. this really is the fun featureed funky future for online racing … if you haven’t joined in yet, you should, this makes Zwift look like a penny farthing.

We apologise for not having our usual Lisa Snell wins again headline, but she was at a family birthday celebration. Next Monday on CADEsport at 7.30 pm UK Time it’s the Lake Bend course.