Eight at the gate for the indoor thaw! Another successful indoor Sunday Ride with West London Cycling.

Once again, ice everywhere and rain forecast in the afternoon… Kudos to Bryn Evans who went out at 11am (and got cold and wet) but he struggled to attract any companions, so eded up riding solo. As last week, we ran an online ride, this week 45km on the Apex Mountains course on CADEsport. Seven West London riders took part, together with guest rider ‘Smile’ from the Netherlands.

We had a few connectivity issues and hung around a bit to allow some riders to join. Dorosthy Teng joined last and put in a tremendous effort to catch up. We were having a great chat on the Audio Channel so a proper Sunday morning social. Sadly, ‘Smile’ had not joined the audio and went off alone, building up a significant gap ahead, with David Tobin in close pursuit. By the end of lap two it seemed that the others were making up ground and ultimately Dorsthy Teng crossed the line first by 0.0004 of a second ahead of Brett Smith with David Tobin not far behind. It’s not a race of course, but the front three got a proper workout whilst the audio channel ensured it maintained its flavour as a social ride.

We had a glitch here and there but this was quite a successful ride and we will look to use this option if the outdoor weather turns nasty on any future Sunday.

We are sure that you’ll agree, the scenery in the Apex Mountains course is quite spectacular and, whilst it is obviously not real, it does help replicate the vibe of an outdoor Sunday ride to an extent…. and is slightly more spectacular than our beloved Chilterns.