La femme de Lafayette, Kay ‘Cade’ Thompson storms home, a win in the wind from (w)Indiana

It was a cracking course, the Lake Bend, 3 laps and some steady climbs. Equalized Racing aims to bring everyone up to the top level, but too many wins and you will, effectively, get handicapped as others get brought up to your level. It proved tough going for Dave Morrison and Lisa Snell, both veterans of yesterday’s Sunday Ride on Cade but others took advantage as the algorithms played their way. There was a bit of a glitch and the wind was over 20kph, instead of 2kph, making the ride quite hard at times. There were no really tight bends, so crashing was unlikely …. some cracking racing ensued, and the number of participants is getting better …. West London VEER Races on CADEsport every Monday at 7.30pm UK Time are the place to be.

The climb on each lap was telling and eventually it was LaFayette, Indiana’s first lady, Kay Thompson who showed her class and pulled away for an emphatic win. Howie Snyder took second place to ensure a US one-two with David Tobin, Malcolm Murdoch and Dave Morrison taking the next slots for the UK.

Next week it’s the Christmas Twister on the twisty Water Village course … we really recommend that you take a little practice on the Water Village course before the 26th December … the one who crashes the least may well be the winner (watch the preview video below). Be sure to let the family watch you crash, and there’s no rule against a lunchtime tipple to make things more interesting ….. merry Christmas CADEsters!