Wet weather gear test ride …. did your gear match the manufacturer’s claims? West London Cycling Sunday ride puts the neoprene through the paces!

This Sunday’s ride will last in the memories for a long time for all sorts of reasons …. but primarily the rain. It was a new route and a new cafe destination, both were good and will be revisited in warmer climes …. which neatly brings us on to the weather:

The terrential rainfall was pretty awful, but the majority of riders managed to stake out some of the worst bits at the cafe stop … in fact we all stayed at the cafe longer than planned hoping the rain would die down a bit. Eventually it did, and there was even momentary sun on the way back and a rainbow at Chobham Common. But let’s be honest, we were all racing back, incentivised with the prospect of a warm bath/shower and dry clothes when we got home. Groups split into smaller groups in the interests of fast riding with similar speed club-mates.

Sympathy has to go to (in no particular order) Hang Pang whose crank came off, Conor O’Brien who missed a turn and, therefore, missed the cafe and endured the worst rain. Similarly, Tony McEvoy and Keith Dowsett who sufferred a techanical (Garmin related) and got delayed which meant, yes you’ve guessed it, they sufferred in the worst rain, and finally Ray King who had a couple of visits from the puncture witch.

In actual fact, this was quite an enjoyable ride despite the weather and problems, and will be remembered positively overall we suggest.