A bumper Sunday beckons with new route, a curry night and some old friends …..

We are looking forward to Sunday 15th January as we head out to Beaconsfield with some of our friends from Slough CC joining us. In fact Neil Beddell joined us on the last Sunday ride and those at West London CC who do Audaxes regularly will know the Slough riders already. Then, we are all heading to Rajdoot in Ruislip Manor at 6.30pm for another one of those popular curry evenings we run occasionally …. so not too many cakes at Jungs in Beaconsfield during the morning ride (which starts at 9am from the Polish war Memorial).

Finding new configurations of local roads can be challenging but this one came about when Steve Mannel, Gautam Thakkar, Gurpreet Singh and Dave Morrison went for a curry in Slough recently….. there’s nothing like a curry for a bit of inspiration.

Asnoted above, we are quite friendly with a few of the Audax crew from Slough Cycling Club and in the course of the conversation it was decided that they would ride over to us one Sunday and we’d all go to Jungs in Beaconsfield. The route back would go via Eton with the Slough guys peeling off there.

Our new route takes its name from the cafe stop (and a Candi Staton record), Jung Hearts Ride Free, and has 72km and 75 km options. Start from Polish War Memorial at 9am and the Slough guys will work their way over from Eton starting earlier.

Short Route

Long Route

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