The Road to Paris and the TdF in 2023 book now! 20th July to 24th July, ride out, watch the Tour finish and catch Eurostar home over 5 days.

Three Days riding to Paris, a day in Paris culminating in the finish of the 2023 Tour de France and Eurostar home on Monday (you choose your return time so can enjoy Monday in Paris too if you wish). Your luggage transported out by van, you bike transported back by van. Overnight ferry from Dieppe including bunks in shared cabins. Three nights in hotels, one en-route, two in Paris.

Ruislip to Paris next July to see the Finish of the Tour de France is brought to you by our hard working team of Fritz, Lisa, Dave and Jason. We have costed this out, but without having numbers and non-moveable fixed prices, we can’t precisely hone the final cost. Nevertheless it will cost around £500per person for 4 nights (one shared ferry cabin and shared hotel rooms), a van to bring the bikes back home and your Eurostar home. We are suggesting that you book your own Eurostar and so will ask for £425 each to cover the other costs, which we will pay, leaving the other £75 for you to book your own Eurostar ticket home (your choice of train so you can leave early or late as you wish). We will ask for the £425 in three stages (£125 now, £150 in March and £150 in May), as not everything needs to be paid for straight away. If the total cost is less than £425 there will be a repayment of any excess, but we may need a small surcharge if prices rise.

We think that a payment of £125 by 31 January, £150 by 31 March and the final payment by 30 May should be appropriate to move things forward, but may need to tweak the dates should any unforseen deposits to suppliers be required.

An invitation has gone out via Spond to those who expressed an interest previosly and those who pay the deposit earliest will secure places. Places are limited to 16 people, including the 4 organisers / driver so there is a maximum of 12 places up for grabs.


Proposed Itinerary:

DAY ONE (Thursday 20th July); Ride from RUISLIP to NEWHAVEN, catch overnight ferry to Dieppe. ROUTE HERE


DAY THREE (Saturday 22nd July) GOURNEY EN BRAY TO PARIS (See Day TwoRoute)

DAY FOUR (Sunday 23rd July): Free day. See Paris and the Tour de France plus the Tour de France Femmes.

DAY FIVE (Monday 24th July): Catch Eurostar home, bikes will be in the van for collection during the week. We are proposing that individuals book their own Eurostar as some may wish to leave early whilst others may want to enjoy a day in Paris. Therefore this is not included in the £425 price, but we anticiapate it may cost arounf £75.

The final cost is yet to be fully calculated and it will depend on deals available but we are reasonably confident that £425 plus a Eurostar return should equate to about £500. The cost will also depend on the number of riders as fixed costs such as van hire will be shared across the riders. We have hotel spaces reserved but are yet to be in a position where we can fully confirm the ferry costs and the van-hire costs. The van will bring the bikes back, and take riders’ luggage outbound. Riders will need to drop off and collect before and after accordingly (Greenford drop off anticipated).

The limiting factor is the availability of hotel rooms and the capacity to carry bikes in the van. If some riders were interested in riding there and back, please let us know. We would expect the ride back to go all the way from Paris to Dieppe in one go.

The pricing is unlikely to work if people drop out and can’t be replaced so please assume that anything paid will not be fully refundable if a replacement cannot be found in the event that anyone cancels. As a guide, we would suggest that the ferry, hotels, driver and van hire (to take your bikes home) and including your Eurostar fare should not exceed £500 per person. If there is any underspend once we fix all prices, then the excess will be refunded. You will need to pay for your own food and drink over the trip which we haven’t ‘priced in’.

Because numbers are going to be limited, we haveorganised a Spond group, so please register your interest if this is something you’d like to participate in. If you are not in our Spond community, please let us know via Whatsapp.