Learning to race on CADEsport with West London Cycling

We have two great insights into how we are all learning the race skillz on CADEsport, the amazing new e-Racing platform with steering, braking and crashing … it’s just more like real cycling than anything else out there.

Essentially, it is how you deal with speed, breaking and cornering on the CADEville course and our two videos, from different parts of the same race give different perspectives, both visually and from positions in the race. Different camera angles and different resolution settings which allow you to trim the scenerey in order to allow lower specification graphics cards on your laptops to deal with the graphics efficiently as not everyone has a gaming PC!

Cornering is about speed, and the skill is to brake before a corner, as braking on a corner can cause skidding, and going as fast as one can on the inside lane without the speedometer hitting the red zone. Crashes will delay riders who stray into the red zone and they will also lose time whilst accelerating backup to speed.

Enjoy the videos, the strategy, the chases and, most of all, the crashing!

CADEsport: For Skillz and thrillz, not just Treadmills

VIDEO ONE: Dave’s crash-fest’ dummy race

Dace’s race at the back with higher level graphics

VIDEO TWO: Brett’s flash dash podium race

Brett’s race at the front with the lowest choice of graphics