Indiana in da hood with a 3.30am start to join us … whilst a few gremlins snagged some later risers, but a nice ice free indoor frolic!

We can;t have a Sunday ride report without bigging-up Homer and Kay Thompson from Lafayette, Indiana, USA who woke up at 3.30am to join in our Sunday Ride online …. chapeau. It was, apparently snowing there, far worse than our ice of course!

Ray King had technical gremlins and didn’t manage to start, Brett Smith decided to enter in Raw Power, as opposed to Pro-Power but that meant he was in a different race on his own. He stopped after a while and switched, but this didn’t seem to work perfectly. Lisa joined late as the map download time took longer than anticipated.

Meanwhile we had a nice social chat whilst spinning out 40km on the CADEfondo course, including Brett and Lisa, so seven riders but only five in the screenshots, including Indiana’s Infamous Thompson Twins, Malcolm Murdoch, David Tobin and Dave Morrison.

Although lisa started late and wasn’t in the pictures, riding solo, she was very much part of the social chat throughout. The audio channels allow all riders to chat during the ride. Whilst Lisa had to finish solo as she joined late, she stayed on ….. we think that with the scenery being pleasant with decent graphics, it actually keeps one engaged rather nicely, we think. Malcolm finished first with a tidy sprint, although it is not really a race and, hitherto, we’d all ridden as a group.

Whilst CADEsport is way ahead of anything already out there, it might still be an idea for them to work on some VR coffee stops we think ……..