Join our online e-racing family …. we’re recruiting new riders

With the new Love TTT series starting on Wahoo RGT we are recruiting new riders for the West London VR teams. We will usually ride at 7.30 pm on either Tuesday, Thursday or Friday (and possibly on a Saturday occasionaly) … each week we check riders’ availability and select the optimum evening.

As well as the TTT team, we run races on Wahoo RGT and CADEsport and we are looking to add a TTT team to our CADEsport portfolio sometime soon. We also run teams in our West London VR races and can add teams to other Wahoo RGT races in due course.

Racing might take up anything between 20 minutes and an hour, but with a pre race warm up, maybe a litle longer. We all communicate via Discord during the TTT.

Please contact us by emailing and we’ll get you on board …

Find out more about West London VR here: