South African flavour in Surrey …. A new Sunday Ride Route with beautiful origins and special wine gums … read the story and ride on Sunday; 12th February at 9am from the Polish War Memorial

Human kindness manifests itself in many ways, and isn’t always rewarded. But we should all be inspired when we witness kindness and try to give something back to the world when we have the chance.

Just after Christmas four West London Cyclists doing the Festive 500 in the cold and wet for charity found themselves in Staines in need of a coffee. They saw Cape Food and Wine along the Laleham Road and in the drizzle misread the sign from a distance, which says Cape, but was read as Cafe in error.

Once stopped, presented with the amazing array of South African produce in the shop (particularly wine), the error became obvious but the lady in the shop insisted on giving all four cyclists a free cup of coffee anyway … a true act of human kindness. During the stop we discovered South African wine gums and they turned out to be a great buy, perfect for cycling (think jelly babies / haribo but better).

We would like to return to the place of this wonderful hospitality, for coffee and wine gums and to do this we have designed a route which passes the shop …..

…. but then discovered from one internet source that may be closed on Sundays, although their website suggests it may be open ….. we’ll find out (watch this space) ……. So, after reading the story, you may now be disappointed that we can’t return and reward our benefactor nor stock up on South African Wine Gums … but if we can, let’s do it and support this special local business and it’s kind hearted owner.


The route ends at our favourite haunt, the Rusty Bike Cafe in Uxbridge

As well as there being two routes to choose from there are various speed groups to meet everyone’s needs.
Just turn up at 9am at the Polish War Memorial (A40 Ruislip / Northolt) with the route downloaded on your device. To get the route you need to sign up (free – see button above to subscribe) and then you’ll have access to our routes via the members’ zone tab above (choose routes and rides).

We decide on the day as to how many groups we split into, it really depends on who turns up. The faster groups will usually do the longer of the two options with the aim of us all reaching coffee stops at similar times.