Can you believe? It’s the Tour of Belize …. it’s your West London Cycling Sunday Ride safari to the tropics of South Buckinghamshire …. rendezvous at the Polish War Memorial 9am

A jaunt out Buckinghamshire way, to the exotic sounding Belsize, but as desirable as current Central American climates may be, this is the UK version of Belize in February, so be prepared for less jungle and less degrees centigrade than the tropical climates of Belize, Central America. The route ends at our favourite haunt, the Rusty Bike Cafe in Uxbridge where temperatures can be given a nudge upwards with one of their delicious coffees.

As well as there being two routes to choose from there are various speed groups to meet everyone’s needs.

Just turn up at 9am at the Polish War Memorial (A40 Ruislip / Northolt) with the route downloaded on your device. To get the route you need to sign up (free – see button above to subscribe) and then you’ll have access to our routes via the members’ zone tab above (choose routes and rides).

We decide on the day as to how many groups we split into, it really depends on who turns up. The faster groups will usually do the longer of the two options with the aim of us all reaching coffee stops at similar times.

OPTION 1 Tour of Belize 62km

OPTION 2 Tour of Belize Bonus Edition 71km