GET SKILLZ-ED … The West London VR Skillz World Series is coming … get with the program and hone-gram your VR Skillset now!

We are turning our CADEsport Races into a series, running parallel with our series on RGT. Then in October the top riders from each series will duke it out in a grand final. If you wanna, win then it’s time to spin … practice on WEST LONDON VR RACE VEER 14 on Wednesday 8th March at 7.30pk UK Time and WEST LONDON VR RACE VEER 15 on Wednesday 22nd March.

CADEsport is taking VR Cycling to new levels, not previously seen. It is innovative, fresh and ahead of the curve. Wahoo RGt have also recently introduced steering, so we have chosen the best two platforms for our races with a play-off between the winners of each at the end. CADEsport requires more skill, so we recommend that you get involved early in order to hone and refine a skillset that represents the future of VR Racing. Don’t be a dinosaur, ride CADEsport and soar!

We’ve selected the DUST BOWL CRIT course for the first of these pre-series races, with plenty of speedy bends to catch you out and make you crash. SCROLL DOWN TO WATCH OUR PREVIEW VIDEO

Enjoy 15km of fast skillful racing, you have 13 races from the start of April to qualify for the final, so get practicing now! Enter in Pro-Power for equalized racing.



To schedule the races in CADEsport, go to ACTIVIIES, choose SEARCH and type in WEST LONDON … the races will appear and you can click on them and choose SCHEDULE!

To get the West London Kit, choose SOCIAL and search for West London and join the group. All group members can select the West London Kit from the kit page.