West London VR … here are the standings as rider vie for podium landings … it’s the grand final of West London VR Series Six … and Series Seven is gonna be even more sophisticated …

RACE 6.13 The Final … 11 laps of the Hillingdon Circuit

Race 6.13 Wednesday 29th March 2023 …..7.30pm UK time CRITERIUM CIRCUIT WITH SMALL CLIMBS Hillingdon Circuit (11 laps) 16.3km  


Nick Greenhalgh looks a ‘shoe-in’ for the GC with Wouter Claes set for the runner-up slot. However, Wouter does look good for the Best of Six Category. We will reveal the Best of Twelve winner after the race. The big battle as far as GC is concerned is third place with but John Sammut and Jan Vanaudenaerde separtaed by just one point …. let the racing commence, good luck guys!

Twickenham CC’s Claire Miller sufferred an unfortunate dropout in the last race but stillhas a feint hope of hitting third spot in the Ladies League, we happended to see her out riding a few days ago and she looks in good form, so watch out RIAK Ladies (Caroline, Serena and Laura)! RIAK look set to take the Ladies Teams Title with NoPinz3R taking the overall teams prize.


You can view the route here 

COMING NEXT: SERIES 7 the VR-Skillz World Series

VEER Race 7.1 CADEsport  – Wednesday 5th April 2023 7.30pm UK Time ENTER HERE

VR Race 7.1 Wahoo RGT – Wednesday 12th April 2023 7.30pm UK Time ENTER HERE

…. 7.30pm UK Time FLAT Ab Fab Ascot 18km season opener as we circuit Ascot Race Course 4 times You can view the route here REAL LIFE RACE PREVIEW HERE