Make VR history with West London VR on Wednesday 5th April 2023 as the very first bespoke course on CADEsport

VEER Race 7.1 CADEsport  – Wednesday 5th April 2023 7.30pm UK Time ENTER HERE

Wanna be part of e-Racing history? Not just another Zwift Zombie? Enjoy a challenge? Want to be engaged? Then this is for you, the start of something fresh, the first replicated real road on CADEsport, with braking, steering and crashing … you can block other riders but you can’t barge them … VR racing for grown ups! Wednesday 5th August 7.30pm UK Time, loops of Ascot Race on CADEsport, the world’s most advanced cycling VR platform.

It will also be streamed live with commentary.

Wanna be part of the select few making history or are you still into hamster wheelies?

Log in early as there have been updates recently which you may need to accept and also the map download is needed … be a Pioneer with West London Cycling!